Don't Quit - Just Rest, Reflect then Resume

I have returned to using wooden pegs. So frustrated with brittle bits of plastic
from broken pegs.  A little less plastic happening is always a good thing too.

Recently I have seen this sentiment posted around the interwebs - and I must say, it strikes a chord with me.

I think back on all the things that I have quit in frustration or annoyance over the years and now know that if I had only just taken a break from the task or goal and then gone back to most probably would have been accomplished.

Slow cooked corned beef
cooked in ginger beer.

These days, ETA's (Expected Time of Arrival) is a big pushy KPI that does not allow us to step back from our work and reflect. Things are just deliver, deliver, deliver, faster, faster, faster.  I am a reflective learner (I realised this very late in life) and sometimes absolutely need time to reflect before continuing on with a task or a goal.  Without time to reflect I often become overwrought and throw my proverbial hands up in reflecting on the other hand, I can step away and think through what a hurdle or challenge actually is and allow my subconscious mind a little time to cook up a fabulous solution.  We're all different of course, a point in case is Mrs HM who finds solutions to challenges by pushing through - we are truly opposites in this regard.

I've found that hanging clothes inside-out reduces
fading and helps prolong the life of our clothes

For so long I labelled my need to sometimes reflect mid-task as procrastination - well, others labelled it as that I and I believed them - but now I understand myself better and am beginning to see the difference between the need to rest and reflect and when I am truly procrastinating. Incidentally, procrastination can sometimes be just a natural response to doing things that violate our core values (worth a thought).

Home made family meat pie
filled with beautiful savoury mince,
a buttery crust from scratch and
freshly cooked mushy peas

Moving towards and maintaining a simpler, more frugal and meaningful life can sometimes be overwhelming and challenge-ridden. Breaking the consumerist habits of a lifetime can be as confronting as breaking a serious addiction. Don't give up, just rest, reflect - then resume immediately when clarity emerges.

Blackie the hen occasionally
lays a very small egg. The poor
darling is blind and very senile
but still healthy and happy.

Take care folks and stay nice


'Oopsie' cakes made with whipped
egg white and yoghurt (according
to Dear daughter # 4)


  1. Very wise, Mr HM. So long as we are moving in the right direction, the speed is not so important. And the journey is worth it!

  2. Our world is too instant and fast, people see it and want it, what happened to save for what you want, think about the item whilst you are saving and really enjoy it when you have it. Working life is the same, deadlines get it done and move on. Like you I like to think about what we have done, can we improve our task or end result and working day. At some point we all have to get off the merry go round and slow down and enjoy each moment, hour and day.

  3. As always good tips and advice, I have just been thinking the same thing about pegs, I turn clothes inside out as well. Have a good weekend.

  4. I have been downsizing and decluttering for two years now and find it exhausting - I thought it would be easy - not so - going from caotic to simple is a hugh adjustment - well worth it - makes you wonder how you ever got in this mess to begin with - hope to finish this year - I already feel a great sense of "freedom" and have alot more time to do the things I enjoy - (also have a lot more money - I just stopped buying "stuff" I didn't need. Have a good weekend - love reading your blog - Mary Ellen from Wisconsin

  5. I am so going to borrow the Oopsie Cake idea ... earlier in the week I managed to make "Oopsie Jam Drops" so thin and brittle they shatter when you pick them up and "Oopsie Gingerbread Muffins" too...hard as rocks. Clearly something was awry in my kitchen that day! Meg:)

  6. Very wise words. Often when making time to reflect on a project, we come up with better ideas than when we started. :)

  7. I also use wooden pegs, but only on the line under the verandah. I learned early on in my married life that if wooden pegs are used and the washing gets caught out in a thunderstorm, then wood stain from the pegs can leech into the fabric and stain clothes. That's the only drawback with them really. The Oopsie cakes look yum!


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