Do It Now - Talk About It Later

Beautiful honeycomb from my cousin's hive.

I'm a great talker, list writer, planner, thinker, dreamer......but a doer? Hmmm, that's a different beast.

Don't get me wrong, discussing, writing lists, pondering and imaging are all very powerful things - but only if something happens because of them.  I have found a funny thing in my life viz: the more I talk about an idea the less likely it is to happen.

The old rustic table comes up nicely when oiled.

It is as if me talking is my version of wanting-to-want-to-want-to-do-it (!).

Sometimes it is linked to be tired - it is easier just to talk than do.  Other times it is linked to fear or not fully understanding what to do - if we talk lots about it, then it will prolong the necessity to do it. Sometimes talking takes the form of delegation....but at my house it is a matter of "do it y'self buddy!" and thus delegation bites the dust pretty quickly.

A simple from scratch dinner.
We love our sausages dipped
in egg and flour before frying.

So I have learned over the years that if I find myself talking about my plans too much to STOP. Clam up. Bite that tongue. Get off my rump. Go and do it.

I generally have to keep a keen eye on my talk/do ratio - I'm more self aware than I used to least in that area.  I am looking forward to a heap more 'doing' starting in April - I really am feeling a rising sense of energy.

So many fresh eggs.....

What have I done this week...let's see

  •   Oiled the outside dining table - came up a treat.
  •   Experimented with lamp wick trimming to get a better light and less smoke
  •   Squeezed another $40 a fortnight out of the budget into savings
  •   Culled my clothing of anything I have not worn for 6 months
  •   Recorded a couple of YouTube videos with the help of my eldest daughter
  •   Dismantled fully one of my antique reed organs
  •   Froze a whole crop of tomatoes
  •   Cleaned the ceiling fans - (I hate that job)

  •   Experimented with new laundry liquid recipes
  •   Drained the cyst on one of the hen's feet - she is much better now.
  •   Gifted 5 dozen eggs
  •   Starting new separate savings plans for our off-grid touring rig and our off-grid farmlet.
  •   Started seriously tracking our superannuation (I have conspiracy theories about these BTW)
  •   Started practicing two new pieces of music 
  •   Started a new thrice-daily mediation regime (loving it)
  •   Started BBQing more as it is cheaper than running the oven. (experimenting with hood-down cooking)

The business end of the kitchen.

What will I be doing in April?  Not saying...that would be talking and not doing. Ha!

Take care folks and stay nice.


Our recycled lounge suite out
on the deck


  1. That is a impressive list indeed, you have achieved so much. Do you have a link to the youtube videos?

    1. or you can click on the tab My Other Blog and go from there.

  2. Hahaha, sounds exactly like me, Mr HM!

  3. Mr HM, I don't know how you even achieved that much given you are still working such long hours, that's a huge list, and I know it wouldn't include all those everyday things either, like cooking, washing, making lunches, paying bills etc etc. I think you are a bigger "doer" than you realise.

    On the subject of trimming wicks, I'm pretty sure I read a very good post on that over at Grandma Donna's blog some time ago, I think she has a search bar on her page, but the crux of it was to round the edges of the wick with a pair of scissors, anyway I hope you can find her article, it was very good.

    I stopped blogging recently, and found I've done more with my time than ever! Not because blogging was taking up a lot of time, (I would only blog less than once a week), I really can't explain why this happened?? But it's been wonderful, I've started doing Parkrun every Sat morning, I participated in my first ever Clean Up Australia Day, and I've started sewing every fortnight for Boomerang Bags, where we make reusable shopping bags from repurposed or donated fabric to give or lend to people at supermarkets/shops who have forgotten to bring their own!

    I think it's good to keep a diary to remind ourselves of all we achieve, because sometimes it feels as though we are going around in circles doesn't it!

    Anyway I best stop talking, and start doing myself...I have to get to work!!!

    Oh, and I would love to hear your conspiracy theory on Superannuation one day!

    1. Zero judgement about stopping something if it no longer creates delight for you....totally understand. I do not think I will blog about my conspiracy theory about Super as I am not officially 'qualified' to comment - happy to email you if you are interested.

  4. Mr HM! Maybe see if your bbq has a rotisserie attachment available? My Dad got one, and wow - the juiceiest roast chickens imaginable are the result. I am sure other meats are doable but the chicken was so excellent we never tried anything else!

    1. No it doesn't have the rotisserie attachment however we have successfully done roasts wrapped in foil and they are succulent

  5. You have certainly done a lot judging from your list there, Mr. HM. I have a lot more time for doing now than I used to because I don't have the demands of a full-time job, a job where I would have to bring a lot of work home as well. It took me a while to get used to that, and I went through a bit of inertia before I finally got going on the things I wanted to learn and to do. Now, I write a bit of a to-do list everyday in an old exercise book that sits on my kitchen bench (great way to use up half used school books) and tick it off as I go along. There's a bit in there for today so best get cracking on the doing! Meg:)

  6. Mr.HM for someone who works the hours you do I think you achieve a lot. Don't be so hard on yourself :-)


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