480 x 2.5 x 2 = 2400

Andrew and Jenny dropped over some of their ripe tomato crop - yummo!
Pasta sauce bottling time me thinks.

Hi folks - why the maths?

Well, this is what I have been doing over the last two years:

480 working days x 2.5 hours x 2 trips (there and back) = 2400 hours spent on the train over the last two years. Up at 4:15am and back home again 6:30pm at the earliest every day. Phew!

Three and a half more weeks and this will end.  It has been an experience that's for sure. I have spent 90% of my travel hours reading emails, studying work documents, planning and reflecting on work.....sometime I indulge in a little diversional reading to keep my sanity in place too.

My scintillating view every day from
the back of the train carriage.
This carriage quickly fills the closer
I get to Sydney each morning.

In three and a half weeks I go on two weeks leave then take up my substantive position in an office local to me.  I will be able to sleep in till six am every morning....such a luxury.  The best thing will be again having time to live a simpler life.....cooking, organising my home, gardening, restoring antique organs, soap making, reading, attending to the chickens, enjoying daylight at home at both ends of the day (how novel), blogging both blogs, sleep (proper amounts), stockpiling, decluttering, slowing down and being content....and I truly do have so much to be content about.

Indulging in some sanity reading whilst squeezed into my little corner.

18 days to go folks.  I will be very, very sad to leave my staff in Sydney, they have been nothing short of wonderful and I have forged many meaningful relationships over the last two years of my secondment - however getting my life back again will also be wonderful.

Autumn is on the way - the rains
have begun.

Now, what to do on my two weeks leave?.....Mrs HM has a little frugal road trip planned I think - we'll see.

Take care and stay nice.



  1. Is 4.15am even a time! ;)
    How wonderful this change will be, you won't know yourself!

    1. 4:15am is most definately the twilight zone Cheryl

  2. I am so pleased for you Phil ... it will be wonderful & so much better for you sleepwise too. I hope you teach your new staff to make soap ... I thought it was wonderful when you taught your current staff & wished I was on your team!!

  3. .... and here's me in the UK thinking that at the end of March the clocks go forward meaning we lose an hour of sleep! I'm sure your change of work pattern will be a welcome one.

  4. It is a wonder you stayed sane with those hours.
    All the very best and enjoy this new stage of life.
    New happenings

  5. Congratulations on this change about to happen. Oh my goodness, we here in the country who spend 5 mins getting from home to work, don't fully appreciate how lucky we are, but on a visit to Blackheath, NSW, a couple of years ago, catching the train into Sydney, I realized that was the reality for so many working folks. How wonderful that you can now have all those extra hours in your days.

  6. Wow that is a lot of travelling, I am so pleased life will become more simpler for you.

  7. congratulations, bet you're looking forward to the 2 week holiday too, will be a nice down wind for you before starting the new job.
    thanx for sharing

  8. Mr.HM I am so pleased this is coming to an end. In the beginning I wondered how you would cope with one year never mind two. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your little break whatever you choose to do.

  9. Great news, I hate travelling by train and gave up long days over ten years ago, best decision I have ever made. Enjoy your two weeks break, it will go quickly.

  10. How nice to hear that you will be able to experience home for more hours. I love my home and travel 52 kilometres to my work and another 52 when I return. I don't get up as early as you--5 am and out the door by 5:30 and don't return till 7:45. I'm a nurse with 12 hour shifts. I continue to take courses in hope that I can find work closer to home, but I'm also 58 years old and hope to retire when I'm 60. I don't want to say that you are unusual in that you love your home so much, but my ex was never home, and that made me more wanting to be home, even though I was the type anyway. Home is where my heart is. Congratulations.

  11. So glad your days of spending so much time away from home are ending. I have nevr worked more than about 5 miles from home, so can't imagine what your commute is like. Enjoy your extra hours at home.


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