Why Isn't Frugality Normal?

Hi again folks

I wonder why frugality hasn't gone viral?

I mean, it's got all the right triggers to go viral right?  It really is the ultimate get-rich scheme, the perfect meaning-to-life revelation, the most profound life-changer.....and yet it has not gone viral, in fact (when the chips are down) it is openly scorned and privately mocked.

Soaking in plain ol' water loosens most stains

Again I wonder why?  Wait, I know why....here's why:

Frugality requires effort, patience, integrity, discipline and realism - all character-building virtues. Oh yeah, that's right - depth of character never goes viral. Conversely, depth of character (or the willingness to give it a shot) remains fairly elusive it seems.

Cooking in bulk and freezing into separate meals ahead
of time.

Humans seem to historically have a proclivity for ignoring the powerful basic truths about wealth, influence, emotional intelligence, love, work, creativity, faith and  relationships. Instead humans as far back as history records seem to be overwhelmingly influenced by the way they happen to feel, by those who can manipulate those feelings and by the feelings attached to physical objects and socially manipulated belief structures......meanwhile, the powerful basic truths about wealth, influence, emotional intelligence, love, work, creativity, faith and  relationships remain quietly held by a very small number of disparate folk through the ages.

Go back a generation in men's shaving
ans save a motza.

Admittedly, now in the age where knowledge runs to and fro throughout the earth with great ease and speed, more folk have access to these truths. Nevertheless, those who truly embrace these truths (meaning, more seriously than posting Facebook memes about them) invariably reap the benefits in part or full and yet are still viewed as a curios amongst the standard cultural norms in society. These folk are deemed an enigmatic subculture....different somehow.

The fry pan is our best kitchen friend at our place

Are you different somehow?  I'm leaning into being different.

A huge slow cooker also puts in a sterling effort too....

Take care folks and stay nice.


Sunrise with poached eggs on toast with fruit and homemade yoghurt.


  1. it's always the way, isn't it?
    damn those meals look good, i almost want to go out & buy a slow cooker :))
    thanx for sharing

  2. Yes I recall in the past words like "frugal", and tight and careful with money, always seemed to have negative connotations. I seem to think that frugality is becoming fashionable now. People are more willing to listen to money saving ideas etc.Used to be a shame job to go to an Op Shop!Anyway different is good. Think we can have the last laugh though, as the people your talking about are the ones drowning in debt, while the more enlightened folk are the ones who are debt free n lovin it!

  3. Oh, there you go again making me hungry! I'm leaning in too & learning as I go. Meg:)

  4. Looks awesome and thanks for the tips. Smells yummy through the computer. Will we be seeing some recipes in the future?

  5. Hi again, Mr HM, it is more than a shame that the majority of people don't see the value in living a small, simple, frugal life. One of the many areas where you lead the way, is all your lovely home cooked meals, I always say, just imagine how much this meal would cost if you went to a restaurant, especially if feeding a big family. Thanks again for your pearls of wisdom. Have a lovely day.

  6. Being frugal was just the way people lived when I was growing up. My mother would never go into an Op Shop though as to her the goods there were for the poor people and I think she didn't want to buy things thst were meant for them. Times have certainly changed.

  7. I don't get it either Mr HM!

  8. My family think I'm a bit nuts and want to know why I would want to make something, eg yoghurt, pasta, when I can buy these from the shop and save time and energy. Hmm is requires time and energy to go to the shops to purchase these items when I have what I need to make them in my pantry.
    We like being different. We like living our frugal lifestyle.

  9. Yep I'm leaning and learning and actually find it a really nice way to live. Not easy, mind you, but worth the effort and if things goes belly up, I think we just might survive. Food in the freezer, water tank about full, garden producing, hens laying and gentle rain. What more could we want. Keep inspiring us Phil. It's good to encourage one another.
    Blessings Gail.

  10. Another great post Mr HM. Your meals look delicious, have you ever thought of putting up a recipe section? Linda

  11. I have always wondered this myself. Doesn't it just seem like common sense to live as frugally as possible. Isn't it just wasteful to live any other way??


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