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Hi folks

I have had a big wave of interest in the last post - you dear folk and many others from elsewhere asking for updates on the reed organ restoration.

As this topic does not neatly fit into the purpose of this blog, I have decided to start another blog just on my work, restoration, interest and recording of reed organs.  I have called it Harp Aeolienne - click HERE to visit if it interests you.

I started the blog by re-posting the previous post here and have now posted another post today which shows the process of dismantling the organ bit by bit.  I have also popped a link in my blogroll on the left hand side and also on the page bar if you ever want to visit it randomly.

I love how these old instruments require no electricity, are all hand made, made of real wood, steel, cast iron, cellulite, Bakelite and brass - zero plastic.  I love how restoring them is a true and glorious act of recycling.  A proper and full restoration should last nearly a century if done correctly and the instrument cared for in the interim. Hopefully one of my great grandchildren will be up for restoring it again in their lifetime (wait!  I'm really getting ahead of myself there!)

They are pretty much carbon neutral (as far as I can figure it) and can play any type of keyboard music both ancient and modern. There is a real increase world wide in the restoration of these instruments, so I have good company it seems.

Anyway - we had better get back to topic here at Mr Home Maker and we will leave all thing 'reed organ-ish' to happen over at Harp Aeolienne.

Take care folks and stay nice!



  1. My nan loved to play the organ, she started out as an organist at her local cinema; and she visited the local wurlitzer museum several times a year. She had an electric organ at home and played until her eyes and joints failed her. You are doing a noble thing, I love seeing old things restored to their former glory.

  2. I just tried to leave a comment on your other blog but got a message saying it was unable to be delivered as the 'domain couldn't be found so I am just trying here to see if this comment goes through. I have never had a message like that before when trying to comment. I wonder why.

    1. Your comment came through fine on the other blog Nanna Chel - not sure what that was about?! Gremlins.

  3. Have you heard Rhonda is closing the forum


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