Core Values - Kindness

The simple delight of freshly laid eggs.

It has been a while since I wrote about some of my core values - I think we were up to kindness next.

In my daytime world of boardrooms, cut and thrust, policies and regulations, one-upmanship, goals, KPI's, results focus, audits, bottom line analysis, the almighty dollar and bureaucratic political correctness....kindness seems an odd fit.  The core value of kindness is an odd fit, in fact it does not fit much at all (to be brutally honest) - such is the growing disconnect between my career and my relatively newly uncovered core values.

The satisfaction of an orderly pantry

Kindness should never be understood as weakness or the easy way out. Kindness takes much more courage and commitment than any tough business decision that I have ever had to achieve. Kindness can sometimes mean a lifetime commitment. Kindness covers a multi-faceted array of scenarios from planet care, community care, self care (I'm not real good at this yet), purpose over profit, people over politics, patience with people, patience with community, encouraging others to be their best, setting boundaries (yep, this is a type of kindness) and generally moving away from measuring others by their weaknesses.

Using the syrup from canned fruit
as a cordial base. Frugal and

I find kindness takes a great deal of courage, time, patience and cognitive calm. The benefits of being kind also seem to fly in the face of being seen to be influential, cutting edge, efficient and up to date.....not so.  I have found kindness (thus far) to pay profound dividends, engender loyalty, develop unusual friendships, calm internal frustration and exponentially grow a sense of inclusiveness and trust.  I never knew this could be the case until I started honouring this core value of kindness - how much I have missed over the years.

Sough dough bread from scratch.

Kindness helps simplify our lives, eases the need to have trendy friends, engenders gratefulness, eases non-specific anxiety, adds a dimension of purpose to life and allows others to grow and blossom around us in the most surprising ways.

Our daily bread.
It is a fight to stop it getting
eaten when still hot

Kindness has helped me move away from regret too. Kindness has also helped me lean into new habits without feeling silly AND kindness has made me a kinder person simply in the practice thereof.

Eggs and bacon for breakfast - yes?

Take care folks and stay nice



  1. What a beautiful & important core value to have. I love that kindness can be so simple but also so profound. Sometimes too, those simple kindnesses can mean so much to someone else. Meg:)

  2. It's one of the fruits of the Spirit - kindness is a physical act - it costs the giver something to be kind. I like that.

  3. Mr HM, can I ask where you purchased your feature tiles in your kitchen? Shown on the photo "Our daily bread).They are nice and would go nicely in our bathroom! Thanks.

    1. I'd love to tell you, but I can't....they were here already when we moved in.

  4. Important post and enjoyable to read, sounds as if you are learning to be kind to a most important person, yourself!

  5. thought provoking post, it takes a lot of effort for some to show kindness. very well said.
    thanx for sharing

  6. Wonderful post Mr HM:) I received this in my inbox today, hope you don't mind me posting a link, adults can learn such a lot from these children about being kind♥
    Have a wonderful week:) Linda

  7. "Love is patient, love is kind". 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

    Your post on kindness, reminded me of this passage. So when you practice kindness, you're practising love. Definitely worth remembering through the challenges of our days :)

  8. Mr.HM I am sure your work colleagues would consider you to be a kind person. I think we should all aspire to be kind in our daily lives. I need to remind myself about that :-)

  9. great post, I wish there were more intentionally kind people but this possibly takes more effort than people are willing to give
    I try to practice kindness but some days it is very difficult

  10. I have a question about your photo on Bacon and Eggs. Is it frying in oil or in some other liquid? Sorry bacon is a luxory food in my country . not so familiar with bacon :)


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