A Little Picture Post

I saw these 3 litre jugs on sale at HM
reduced from $50 to $15.  I should have got
two me thinks.....

Hi dear folk

I'm in a bit of a quiet, reflective mood at the moment....so a little post with just a handful of pictures is what today's post will be.....enjoy.

Dinner is on. Spicy chippolata
and vegetable hot pot in the
slow cooker.

Dear daughter number 4 cooked banana bread this morning.
I'm amazed it is still untouched.  It toasts up wonderfully
with melted butter on top and a cuppa.

Lemon meringue pie made with condensed milk (I am not a fan
of the geletin version) 

...there was a mouse....a big mouse
that took a nibble. No, no - it
weren't me! Promise! (wipes
traces of meringue off laptop)
Hee hee.

A book scored by a friend new for $1.
Jammed pack full of beautiful recipes
from pre-WW2.

OK, so I'm off to keep counsel with myself - I'll emerge like Mr Badger eventually.

In the meantime, stay nice and take care.



  1. So strange...we have a house mouse too..! 😉 Enjoy your pondering, may we be the beneficiaries of your considered wisdom. 😀

  2. I am definitely one for lemon meringue pie made with condensed milk, Mr. HM. No gelatine for me either! Meg:)

  3. Love your style of shopping. Enjoy your peace time and have lovely wonderful day dreams.

  4. Hello Mr HM,

    I hope everything is okay in your world.

    That is one nice jug! I can see why you would want to get another.

    I wonder if that mouse ate too much pie and got a tummy ache ;) I too love condensed milk meringue pie. I have not made it for a while, thanks for reminding me. I will put that on my agenda for this week :)

    I also love banana bread toasted..delicious!

    Take care,


  5. You certainly seem to be quiet and pensive, Mr.HM. I hope you are relaxing this weekend and recharging your batteries. You know we worry about you :-)

  6. I've never thought of toasting banana bread....

  7. From one wombat, to a badger, I tip my hat to you. :)

  8. Oh dear I shouldn't read your blog when I haven't had lunch yet:( I'm always drooling at your delicious food photos♥ Take good care Mr HM:) Linda


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