Money Regrets

Princess Laya....was that you that pooped
on my patio? .......cluck....What poop?

Do you have any money regrets?  I do, the list is depressingly endless.

The good thing about leaning into a more frugal, self reliant and simpler life is that I am not adding to that list of regrets very much.  Yes, I still make the odd stupid purchase now and then, but by and large I've learned my lesson the hard way.

We cannot change the past, but we can draw a line in the sand and intend (it is all about intention) to no longer act in ways that cause inner regret. Regret is a heavy burden - let's not go there anymore....ya'll with me on this?

That poop there right next to your foot
gurl!.......cluck, cluck....I lay you eggs
every fool day and you go on asking
me about poop?! I don't see any
poop - what you on about boy?!

Some positive ways to evaporate regret:

Be Future Focused

We simply cannot move into the future if we are all hung up on the past. We need to mindfully sit down and think up or dream up our future. It needs to be specific, measurable, attainable and have a date of achievement....without all these elements it is just day dreaming. Write these elements down clearly and succinctly and look at them 3 x daily, 7 x days a week.  Every night before we go to bed, we ask ourselves "What have I done today to move me toward my future life?" If we have not done anything, then stay up till we have.

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Calculate Your Future Personal Earning Capacity

Do you know how much you are worth as an income-generating asset to your family?  Here is how to do the math.  Take your average annual salary x the number of years you intend to work in the future = the monetary figure you are worth as an asset to your family.
e.g. 40 year old earning $50,000 per annum x 20 years left of work = $1000,000.00. Using this realistic yet fictitious example, this person is monetarily worth a million dollars to their family in earning potential.  How are you going to best use that million dollars?

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Make A Detailed Sketch Of Your Future Life

We are all so good at ledgers and spreadsheets, but how about getting a big sheet of unlined paper, a packet of coloured crayons and sketch out the details of our future lives.  It does not matter if our drawing skills are hopeless.....this activity triggers the childlike creativity in the brain and makes us communicate the future to ourselves in a different creative medium. As serious as this activity is, it is also great fun to do.

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Take care folks and stay nice out there.



  1. Hi Mr HM,
    I must do that, get out some paper and pens and start drawing my future life/home, I love that idea. It's in my minds eye now, a small self sufficient home with enough space for a big veggie garden and fruit orchard, chooks, and of course a big shed (or two)for hubby. It would be off grid, sustainable, green and abundant. I would learn how to preserve our excess fruit and veg and make the most off our block of land. I want a tiny house, with fewer possessions, I think ultimately it would mean less time being a slave to the house and really living for the moment. I read one of your posts a while ago about homesteading, and you are right, that we really are doing a lot of homesteading stuff now, it just feels not all together authentic to me, as I am still living in a big home that I am increasingly not enjoying. Thanks for another great thought provoking post.

  2. That's funny, I was thinking along these lines today...about the future and the particular steps I'd have to take to make certain things a reality. I was thinking about how fear and habit can sometimes keep us where we are/me where I am. I like the idea of drawing the future as that is very much a right-brain led way of doing it as opposed to the left-brain led way of making lists and spreadsheets. I think your idea offers a balance and that it would be interesting to see what comes up in the drawing. Off to find some colouring pencils! Meg:)

  3. We have met with some serious events in our life recently and I am very much about the looking forward not back right now. Goes for money too - nobody can honestly say they didn't have money regret. Insight, awareness and a desire to change is all you need to get started.

    Cluck cluck nothing to see here folks cluck cluck

  4. We have wasted loads, but on the other hand we have had loads of fun and wonderful experiences.

  5. I like the idea of sketching out a future idea of where you want to go. It reminds me of Permaculture mapping, where you look to join as many connections on the page as possible - after you write down what you're aiming to achieve.

  6. Ah! So many (past) money little time (or space) to tell you all about them...chuckle...BUT importantly things have changed around here, I'm getting a handle on all this stuff, and I'm turning it around for the greater good 😀

  7. Some great advice to do in this new year. Thank you Phil.

    I try not to think about my past consumerist life. It is always in the background, but I am not visiting there anymore :)


  8. Great one. I also use to spend money before without having any track of it. But now a days i have a note of each and every expense what i make to lead a peaceful life.

  9. Hey Phil, great post. So glad the 'girls' made an appearance! I am currently completing an online course, and it also has SMART goals as one topic. So glad I can convert this knowledge to my life, not just work! Have a great day,



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