Frugal Window Cleaning Method

All you need is an inch of water, a squeeze
of washing up liquid and a squeegee
with a mop cloth. You can do your whole
house with this set up.

I was discussing window cleaning with friends the other morning and as I finished typing it up, I thought to myself  " should share this on Mr Home Maker".  So here it is.

You can clean all your windows with just one big squirt of dish washing liquid and a little water. It will only cost you cents in disposables and save you 80% physical effort compared to all the mad polishing, buffing, drying, spritzing nonsense that you see most folk doing when they try and clean windows - here is how.


When I used to work 3 jobs, one of them was cleaning a bowling alley and it had 90 feet of wall to ceiling glass windows in the cafe. They used to get covered in grubby finger marks on the inside and grime from passing car park traffic on the outside - I had to clean them every single morning, seven days a week(!). I quickly learned window cleaner's technique.

Tools:  1 x wide window squeegee with material cleaning pad on the back edge.   1 x square bucket to fit the squeegee.   1 x bottle of dish washing detergent (make sure it has thick consistency, not watery)   A little water (about an inch maximum in the bottom of the bucket)   1 x cotton rag

Method:   1. Squeeze a generous line of neat (yes neat) dish washing liquid directly onto the cleaning pad of the squeegee and work it into the material, thus charging the squeegee pad with detergent. You should only need to do this once for a normal sized house of windows is my best guess.   2. Place squeegee pad down into the inch of water in your bucket and press the pad down into the water to infuse with water. No swishing.   3. Lift up squeegee out of water and run the pad along the inside edge of the bucket to release excess water. (you do not want too much wetness)   4. No need to wet windows first - starting at the very top of your dry dirty window and apply the cleaning pad side of your squeegee to the window and working in vertical saw-tooth pattern strokes across the window top to bottom until window is totally soapy   5. Flip squeegee over to blade side   6. Start at the top of the window and without lifting your squeegee at all (this is critical) work from left to right and top to bottom in arch style overlapping sweeps. The aim is to always have the soapy excess running off the bottom of the blade through the whole process - never lift the blade off the window.   7. Wipe the accumulated moisture of the bottom window sill with your rag    8. Progress to next window and start from point 2 - repeat.

One line of dish washing liquid neat on the pad.

One inch of water in the 'bucket'. Dip and press, don't swish.

This method will mean no polishing, no spraying, no rubbing, no drying, no window cleaning products, no buffing..... just a single smooth arched action from top to bottom of your windows and a simple wipe with a rag at the bottom. The arch-movement squeegee method takes a little practice but once you have it mastered it will take 80% less physical energy than all the spritzing and rubbing that I see most folk doing.

Produces nice fine bubbles that are
easy squeegeed off in one pass
taking all the dirt with it.

I hope this revolutionises you window cleaning.

Take care folks and stay nice.


P.S. Do spend the money on a squeegee that is rubber or soft plastic based not hard plastic otherwise your squeegeeing will take 4 x the effort.


  1. Thanks -where did you get that window squeegee thing?

  2. Window that is a job I hate! Thanks for the tips,MrHM.

  3. What a wonderful idea, not something I would have done at all. Need to get a new squidge, the old one is not in very good shape.

  4. Thank you for this tip/recipe Mr HM. I am sure it works well. I will remember this for when I have to clean windows as part of my cleaning job.

    I too loathe window cleaning Nanna Chel. I think that is because mine are those with the little squares in them and I have eleven all up to clean! Needless to say it doesn't get done very often as it is so dusty here I would be constantly cleaning them. They get done twice a year if they are lucky!

    Anyone with tips for easier cleaning of the windows with squares on them would be much appreciated lol!


    1. Tania - all you need to do is buy a squeegee and cut it down to exactly the width of those little panes of glass - same with the cleaning sponge. You can use the exact method in this post except it will only need a single downward stroke action when squeegeeing.

  5. Even with a squeegee I was not able to get the windows clean with this method. Mind you this may have had something to do with the fact that this is a job I hate and only do when the windows get filthy. It may also have something to do with the fact that we live 150m from the beach and there was a crust of salt and sand over the windows. Anyways with much elbow grease and a few choice rude words, said under my breath, the windows are now clean. Woohoo!

    1. 150 meters from the beach! Well, no grizzling from you then Jane! :-)
      OK, so that is a unique challenge - try this....use a spray bottle to spray on NEAT vinegar on to the windows and let sit for about 30 mins before following up with the usual method of cleaning. (I just chatted to a friend who lives on the beach like you and this was his advice - he also gives his beach-facing windows a quick spray with the hose every weekend too to keep the salt deposits down)

  6. My window lady uses a mix of dish detergent, dishwasher rinse-aid, metho mixed in water. Sparkly, sparky windows!

  7. As always , helpful in every way Mr Homemaker.
    ...and always easy to read .
    Keep it up :)

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