Alphabet For Thrifty Folk

Creme patissiere about to fill
the fresh choux pastry.

A is for ACRES productive and green.
B equals BUDGET, the secret of success.
C means CONSUMERISM so sneakily normal.
D stands for DEBT, that huge public enemy.
E is for EMERGENCY – our debt is just that!
F stands for FRUGAL that virtue so rare.
G equals GRANDPARENTS – go pick their brains now.
H just means HOME, the foundation of life.
I is for INTEREST – virtuous on savings, vicious on debt.
J is the JINGLE of our pockets when saving.
K might mean KETTLES, KOMBUCHA and KIDS  - but gosh, not Kardashians
L means our LARDER all full of sweet canning.
M is for MORTGAGE – pay it off fast!
N means saying NO to waste and caprice.
O is for OFF GRID – the ultimate freedom.
P means PANELS – solar ones at that.
Q is for QUESTIONS – ask lots, be annoyingly curious
R stands for Rhonda  - her books change the world
S is for SAVINGS, the answer to life.
T stands for THRIFT, the wisest of traits.
U is for UDDER where milk comes from ….. who knew?!
V means good VALUE and not just cheap junk.
W is for WATER to grow all those veggies.
X is the CROSS that marks off those goals
Y is for YESTERYEAR – keep one eye on the past.
Z stands for sleep (zzzzzzzzzzz) so sweet when we’re debt-free!

Eggs from the back yard

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. "Not Kardashians" it!

  2. Absolutely not Kardashians! Love your alphabet.

  3. My favourite line is the R is for Rhonda. Rhonda's is the first blog I ever read. Before reading Rhonda's blog I had assumed all blogs were like the blog Doogie Howser MD kept on the tv show of the same name.

    Awesome list. Thank you. M,N,O and P is where I would like to be. I wonder how long it will take me to get there?

  4. Well Mr H, I'd better start learning my ABCs all over again! Good one.

  5. Clever..!! I didn't who the kardashians were until last year I asked my son in law, (who knows all about them) ;) and he explained it all to me, but I'd glazed over after the first few sentences. To be seen to be frugal used to be uncool in my parents time, but my parents quietly practiced thrift, as most folks did, but they just didn't talk about it.

    1. I still think quietly practicing thrift is the way to go. Keep everyone guessing hey!?

    2. I should have added that now I'm proud to show my thriftiness when folks comment that we're "lucky" to have all that we own with no mortgage. I tell them it was down to being thrifty...! Yes I know, I'm shameless!

  6. Ha ha, I am like Sally and didn't know who on earth the Kardashians were and now I really don't want to know. That ABC would have taken a while to put together, Mr.HM. Well done!

  7. Love this! The ABCs everyone should know and a great reminder for me to stay on track. Thank you Phil!

  8. Brilliant - well done - I might sneakily remember this and do my own one day :-)

  9. You've done it again Phil! Great wisdom here.

  10. Wonderful alphabet Phil. Please can I copy it to put on my fridge? It might help the rest of the family to understand my way of thinking.

    1. Certainly feel free to copy it and put it on your fridge :-)

  11. This is awesome! Love it!
    My favorite letter? Definitely "R for Rhonda"!:)
    Love your blog & ideas. Thanks for taking the time to keep it up.

  12. Love it! I like K as well - aren't they just awful?!

  13. Need thirfty flok sentence please help?


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