A Box Arrived From America!

The impatiently awaited for box from USA

A box has arrived from USA all taped up securely.  I have been VERY excited about the arrival of this box. (I'm easily excited)

The first beautiful cut glass
lamp emerges

Some of you may remember (quite a while back) that I had been looking for old matching kerosene/oil lamps. The reason that I wanted these lamps is twofold:

  1. To use during power outages
  2. To add some old-world, simple living charm to our dining of an evening

Four lovely matching lamps
all mine!!

We had a week of extended power outages after a storm a couple of years ago and all our batteries and torches went flat and we ran out of candles. We badly needed another source of lighting using a different fuel and my mind immediately went back to the old days for the answer.

Using a funnel to pour in the Kerosene

Well, I have scummaged through second hand shops and also antique dealers, Gumtree and eBay, but the lamps were either in parlous or fragile condition or were very pricey. Then I was introduced to the store called Lehman's in Ohio USA.  I was instantly hooked on their type of wares but never thought about buying through them because I assumed the freight would be prohibitive.

Then Christmas came and I thought I would look through the catalogue for some oil lamps (just for fun, you know...) - they have oodles of the things and at very good prices.  So, I stepped through the whole order process just to see what the freight would cost and to my surprise it was very low.  So I ordered four beautiful brand new lamps and had them shipped to Australia for a quarter of the price that I could get them new in Australia (go figure?!)

The blue of the Kerosene looks splendid

Running in the new wicks after
two hours of wicks soaking

Kerosene in Australia is coloured blue, so when the lamp reserviors are filled they turn the cut glass bases of these lamps a pretty blue.  We mainly eat outside for 3/4 of the year and our dining room table is on the deck.  The lamps will live here and be used regularly.  I can hardly wait to have a tribe of people over and have all four lit up and throwing out their warm light.

I was actually expecting a fairly low-grade product for what I paid, however, when these lamps arrived I was a bit shocked at how sturdy and well built these lamps are. I also was dubious about all that glass surviving the freighting rigmarole, but they were packed within an inch of their life - (yes I have kept all the packaging for reuse).

Turning up the brightness - wonderful.

Lehman's also slipped in a printed catalogue.....the ultimate window shopping for simple living folk and preppers alike I reckon. I will not be spending any more this year, but gosh, it is the best piece of junk mail I have read in decades. It heartens me that there is enough folk out there buying these type of yesteryear wares to make a business out of it.

A close up of the 'action'
Gee they pump out some heat once
turned up - no wonder Nan used
to say you could warm up a meal
over them.

You'll see these lovely lamps featuring on and off through my posts for many decades to come no doubt.

Take care and stay nice folks


P.S. No, I am not being paid in any way by Lehman's to say any of this stuff.  I am just genuinely delighted with these lamps, their quality, the shipping speed and the price. 


  1. I want, no, need one.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. They really are so pretty, I love them, will give you so much pleasure.

  3. Also just wanted to say I am really enjoying your blog.

  4. Great blog post! I found the lamps online, just in case anyone else wanted to look at them. I'm going to buy a few after reading this.


  5. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! We're thrilled! Hope you thoroughly enjoy the oil lamps. Sincerely, The Folks at Lehman's, in gray, rainy, wintry Ohio USA
    P.S. We will email you as well.

  6. beautiful lanterns! you can also use oil i believe, not just kero? i want to eventually get some too, have found a shop out in Wondai that sells them too, good ones but will wait as i have no where to stand them .
    thanx for sharing

    1. We go through Wandai when travelling to Toowoomba. Which shop sells the lanterns please?

    2. it's old 2nd hand store, from memory just down to the right of the round about? it is chockers full to the brim of everything, there are about 3 2nd hand stores, sorry i can't quite remember exactly where

  7. Lehman's is in the midst of Amish communities in Ohio. Amish live a simple life, no electricity, farm without modern machinery etc. I go once a year to get all of my canning supplies, and unique gifts.

  8. I love the lamps, Phil. Good to see you are back to your normal blogging self. Off to have a look at Lehman's. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. They are so beautiful. I love multipurpose things that are beautiful.
    Also loving the blue kero!

  10. Beautiful lamps. I had some lamps with the same globes as yours but a metal bowl sent to me from a friend in America when her son was going to throw them away and I truly love them. I use a white fuel ( Coleman) in mine that does not have a smell or smoke so I can use it indoors.

  11. They are very beautiful! I remember my grandparents having lamps like these but I've no idea what happened to them. I'm sure you'll love lighting them up whenever you get the chance! Meg:)

  12. Well I think they look amazing and so pretty yet functional. What a great buy, MrHM. I wondered if you had found any in Australia.

  13. These are so lovely and look especially pretty with the blue kerosene:) Even though I'm not a "spring chicken" I can't believe I've never personally seen these lamps in use:( Lehman's sound an excellent company to purchase from will take a look.

  14. The lamps are great and I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of them. Freight is a killer! I recently looked into purchasing a poster for my daughter from the UK. The poster converted to about AU$22 (to be freighted rolled up in a tube) but the freight was AU$35!!! Ridiculous! Needless to say, I didnt buy the poster. :(

  15. Lehman's looks like a great shop! I will browse at leisure later tonight. Your lamps look so pretty with the blue kero in them. I don't like the smell of kero though so I use lamp oil in mine. I have orange (citronella) oil in at the moment but there are other colours and scents available. Sibella.

  16. Beautiful! I will have to have a look online at Lehmans. Enjoy your lovely olde world lighting. :-)

  17. I saw this on the review page for the lamp. Low price, simple, and very nice. I like it.


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