Men’s Wallet Envelope System

I’ve always been a bit envious of my wife’s purse….oh wait, let me explain!! 

Well, my wife’s purse has so many compartments and folders for organising coins and cash etc whereas my old ‘blokey’ wallet just has one perfunctory spot for cash and the rest is geared to cards. Having all my cash lumped into one spot just does not work for me, so I thought it was high time I remedied this…..without buying a new wallet.

What I needed was some compartments to separate all my cash and easily divide it up according to its purpose. With a fresh $260 sitting in my wallet every payday, it gave me false sense of wealth and the spending-addiction-tingles would kick in hard…..meh.  So I hatched a devious spend-a-holic thwarting plan.  This plan cost me zip to execute too.

All the pretty Aussie bank notes
now have their own envelope

I created a mini envelope system that fitted exactly into the cash compartment of my wallet. I made this using an old yellow document envelope that was in the waste paper basket at work.  I cut the yellow document envelop into three, glued all three sections together back to back, labelled them according to how I needed to divide my cash up, left it to dry then allocated the cash accordingly per compartment and popped it in my wallet.  Too easy by half.

Mini envelope system slides exactly
into my wallet

Now when I look in my wallet, I can see exactly how much cash is left in each compartment and will be able to proactively convince myself out of thinking I have money to burn – a place for everything and everything in its place.   Mission accomplished.

There, done-sky - non bulky and my cash all organised.

Now to figure out the coinage……..hmmmm.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Nice work! I got pete a wallet with a zip all around so he doesn't lose coins. He says he hates it but he's had it for over a year and hasn't replaced it yet! He calls it his purse. The other options just looked so impractical I couldn't buy them.

  2. I put all promised cash in my zip section, so any cash I see is for me.....but then do you have a zip section in your wallet. Oh well start a trend for men to carry a purse.

  3. That's a good idea, Mr.HM. Some men's wallets don't seem to be designed very well I have discovered when I have been buying one for my son.

  4. I really don't understand why men don't carry purses. It's getting common here for men to carry "messenger bags" but we women know those bags by their real name...PURSE. Great job on your wallet.

  5. That is a great idea. I keep my spending money and the grocery money in my purse in separate compartments. Don keeps his spending money and the petrol money in his (falling apart) wallet in separate compartments. If we have any other cash on hand we keep it in envelopes so we don't carry it around. As you say the temptation to spend it can be strong at times.

  6. That's a great way to do the Dave Ramsey style money envelope system - and yours fits in your wallet! I used to use ziplock bags as that way the coins wouldn't fall out but it's also very bulky and a bit indiscreet.

    As far as your coins, I suggest keeping them in your pocket and popping them into a coin jar at home, if you won't miss them. I do this and have never missed the coins; in fact, I look forward to breaking notes so that I can save the change!

  7. that is a very clever idea, what about a small coin purse? they used to be what men & women used way back when but went out of fashion. i still still the odd elderly gentlemen with a coin purse as well as their wallet. perhaps you could make one yourself?

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