Four Sites I'm Enjoyng

Dinner from scratch.
A fresh garden salad with feta cheese
and Southern fried chicken (thanks USA!)

Hi folks

These four sites have been around for a while but I have only recently spent time reading the back-dated posts and articles or browsing through the sites more thoroughly.

You all have probably seen them before, but for those of you who have they are:
(just click the titles)


Jamie is a stay-at-home dad who sews and tailors his own clothes and plenty of clothes for other people too.  Looking through his back-dated posts reveals a vast array of knowledge especially around tailoring men's clothes.

LEHMAN'S - For A Simpler Life

An astounding site and interactive catalogue of wares - they ship world-wide.  The farming and gardening equipment is great, so is the kerosene fridges and cookers, the lamps and hand washing machines and....and....and....
Just get a cuppa and enjoy it.  The catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF - the best junk mail in the whole world!
(It is a bit Chrismassy-themed at the moment - but dig deeper into the categories to get to the real good stuff)


Many of you will know of Joel Salatin.  His 'take' on farming is refreshing and drives a sense of hope and possibility into my mind.  Perhaps for starters, watch the video on the front page and then take it from there.  This site is chock-a-block full of info and links as well as videos on methods and systems that will shift our paradigms on farming.


Peter's site shows his journey from never having sewn ever, through to the amazing tailoring and sewing he produces for himself and others nowadays.  He is a tad flamboyant and has a great twist to his humour too.  Reading through the back-dated posts shows the technical excellence developed but also the generous sharing of all these skills with his readers.

I am not affiliated at all with any of these sites or people - these are just four that I have been reading lots of recently and genuinely enjoying the information, skills, ideas and insights that each offer.

Enjoy, lean in, take care and stay nice.



  1. I love Joel Salatin! Grant went to a workshop of his in the Barossa, I didnt go as I was BF a child, I cant remember which one now?? But I should have rund and asked if they minded If I brought my babe, he is so family orientated Im sure it would have been more then fine. I always regret not going!


  2. Thanks Mr HM. I wish I had more time for sewing. I would love to learn the skill of altering patterns to fit.

  3. I've actually taken a road trip to go see Lehmans. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. What a place. It's HUGE. And yes, they have EVERYTHING. If you ever get to the States, it's a MUST-SEE.

  4. Thanks MrHM, what wonderful resources. I will bunker down for a read when I have time to browse away a couple of hours. I also need your recipe for that delicious looking Souther fried chook. Is it oven or pan fried?


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