Core Values - Having Enough

A beautiful Christmas Cameo gifted to us by dear friends.
Feeling thoroughly spoiled.

Having enough - this is one of my core values.

It was a core value that remained hidden for decades under piles of 'stuff' both physical and emotional and has only been emerging over the last few years as a core value.

True, not having enough can be worrying but also having too much is just as much of a worry as is working our be-hinds off to try and accumulate too much (tips hat to consumerism).

For so long I was a human having instead of a human being. Essentially I now believe that mindful contentment is at the core of knowing that I have enough.

Hanukkah starts soon - on the 24th.

What does 'enough' look like for me?

  • enough money to pay for basic bills and a little put aside just in case.
  • enough to be clothed sensibly, and occasionally, even smartly if the need arises
  • enough to reach out and assist others anonymously
  • enough to eat and a bit put aside as stockpile
  • enough to pay for a home (rent or modest mortgage)
  • enough to feed another family for a meal
  • enough work so as not to be idle
  • enough discretionary time so as not to feel trapped
  • enough love and care to stop me wandering off
  • enough to educate myself to be a better man
  • enough to stay grounded
  • enough to be able to follow the occasional domestic dream 
  • enough to follow an occasional creative urge
  • enough to buy a pot of interior paint

Fresh lemons - who can deny!

Strange things that make me feel poor are:
  • running out of tea and coffee
  • a run of unexpected bills
  • not being able to get warm
  • Monday morning's 4.30 am alarm
  • not being able to pay a bill on time
  • running late
  • when a pen runs out halfway through a letter

Fruit soaking in sweet sherry...

Inextricable things that make me feel rich:
  • fresh berries for breakfast
  • sitting in a cathedral
  • new underwear (don't ask!)
  • new socks for Christmas
  • a parcel in the mail
  • a dinner table surrounded with guests enjoying our food
  • candles on the dinner table
  • linen
  • fresh sheets
  • the sound of rain at night
  • our stockpile cupboard
  • cashews
  • sunrise

As I write this post, my girls are all making chocolate truffles in the kitchen with John Denver turned up loud and them all singing along...."country roooooooooad, take me hooooooome...".  There's laughter, chatter, choruses sung in harmony, aprons unfurled and the inevitable "taste this Dad" - I am truly blessed.

I have enough.

An inner voice lets me know that I am enough.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. you sound quite content
    was always worried in the past whether we had enough, i always thought a roof over our heads & food on the table was good enough but there were times i used to totally stuff it up too.
    a great thought provoking post
    have a wonderful xmas & new year
    thanx for sharing

    1. You have a wonderful time away at your family's for Xmas - cya when you return, hopefully with a good yarn or two to share with us.

  2. Sounds wonderful!
    -Kelly B

  3. I agree with Selina, Mr.HM. You certainly do sound very contented at the moment. I can just tell you are loving that taste testing. I guess the scales are hidden away somewhere until after Hanukkah and Christmas. LOL!

    1. The weightloss is progressing - although super slow. I have not put on. I must do another update post of the weightloss.

  4. Wonderful post. And I'm with you--a well stocked pantry gives me such a feeling of security.

  5. Lovely post. Seasons greetings to you and your family, sounds as if you are going to have loads of fun.

    1. Have a happy Xmas too Marlene - gosh where did the year go?!

  6. We have enough for sure, more folks should stop and think about how rich their lives actually are.
    Incase you don't post again, wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas.

  7. What a warm, happy time going on in your kitchen, Mr. HM. I smiled when I read that your girls were singing along to John Denver. My sisters and I grew up listening to John Denver, and other country musicians, on the radio. On Sunday nights, my mother would put the Country Music Hour on the radio. A few years ago, my Mum gave me a cd of his music and I love to play it, sing along and remember. Meg:)

  8. So beautifully put...Thankyou

  9. I agree - just beautiful. I wish there were more people who realised that contentment is at their fingertips, if only they looked.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

    1. .....sometimes it takes a while to figure out contentment. It sure took me decades.

  10. Indeed, you have a-plenty and you are blessed. So are your lovely family.

  11. Stuff! And it all needs cleaning, maintaining etc. My enough list would include enough sleep so I can function well. Don and I had egg and lettuce sandwiches for lunch today by the river looking at the boats moored there as the tide came in. Now that makes me feel rich. "Many a forenoon I have stolen away..."

    1. Ah....those stolen forenoons. Hmmmm.

    2. I was called away when reading your post last night and came back to spend more time pondering your words. I agree a run of bills makes me feel - not exactly poor - but less than prosperous. I stockpile coffee, yep I have an abundance of coffee. And while that is part tongue in cheek, I realise that there are many people in the world who cannot afford coffee and would consider a stockpile of coffee a type of richness. Good bed linen does make me feel rich. So does good quality dark chocolate. And speaking of stolen forenoons, I really, really, must find the time to re-read HDT's "Walden" again.

  12. "I am enough", says it all. People spend so much time and money, trying to figure that one out. ;)

    What makes me feel rich, is snuggling up in bed with my husband every night. Our favourite way to end the day, is to be in the arms of the one we love.

  13. A most pertinent post at this time of year when excess is rampant. You have discovered the greatest gift of all Mr HM, the ability of awareness.... that you have enough of what is truly important. Happy Christmas to you and your girls.

    1. A happy Yuletide to you and yours too Sally :-)

  14. I love every bit of this post Mr. HM! Thank you for the peek into your home tonight. I happen to have it on good authority that if your precious girls are singing along out loud to John Denver, then you and Mamma HM have surely raised them right!

  15. A really lovely post. Thank you.


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