A Friday Chat Over The Fence

Arancini balls from scratch - my new food folly.
Simply delicious!

Work has been rather (very) busy and has kept me from my garden, my kitchen, my blog and indeed most things around the house - so it is time to remedy that right now.

Breakfast out on the deck.
Pancakes, muffins, bacon, scrambled
eggs, watermelon, grapes, yoghurt,
fresh berries and cream, local honey
and real maple syrup.

This year I am letting a few things go to seed and will be trying my hand at seed saving. I can remember when I was a child and my mother seed saving with all sorts of seeds drying out in jam jar lids on the kitchen window sill. Time for me to do the same in the hope of free seeds next year.

The sewing machine running hot....

....new linen present bags being sewn
up with a lovely simple binding.

The tomatoes are coming to an end as are the leeks and the radishes, so I will have to compost the spent potting mix from their self-watering boxes, mix it in with hen house muck-out and leave it be for a little while to rot into another luscious pile of compost.

Leeks going to seed

Radishes going to seed

Christmas and Hanukkah are simultaneously being prepared for here at our place. Secrets abound, the sewing machine is whirring flat out, wrapping is getting done covertly in bedrooms and the budget is holding out wonderfully. I am very thankful for having budgeted so well this year as we have had some significant emergency expenses in the last four weeks - it has been nice to just be able to pay them straight from the emergency fund.

A little Kent pumpkin growing

We had an exquisite present arrive in the mail this week from a wonderfully encouraging blogging friend - I will be dedicating a post to this soon as it it worthy of its very own post....so watch out for that soon.

Just sayin'.....I am amazed and humbled yet again that this community can provide so much wisdom and connection with folks I have never met in real life and probably never will.

Caramel mousse tart made from
scratch. Chocolate crumb base
with an airy caramel mousse filling.
Not sickly sweet - just perfectly
balanced in flavour.
Great with coffee and a blob of cream.

I am going to relish the next two days at home. I am not venturing a single footstep out of my home this weekend as I scrub, polish, repair, tidy, rearrange, freshen, plan, cook, launder, garden, hen-watch, mow, iron, read, drink cuppa's, nibble home-made goodies, wrap presents, write cards and smile.

Enjoy your Friday evening folks. Take care and stay nice (of course!)



  1. Enjoy your weekend, Mr.HM. I hope you have a few days off over Christmas to relax and smell the roses.

    1. Just the public holidays Nanna Chel. I will relish them.

  2. Debbie in the U.P.16 December 2016 at 23:47

    Your Arancini balls look much better than mine! That is a favorite here.
    It sounds like you have another perfect day planned; enjoy!

    1. Gosh, aren't they just the best? Don't worry about how they look - it is the taste that counts!

  3. collecting your own seeds is quite rewarding, they are also a little more acclimatized to your area as well & this gets better with every year.
    i am seriously thinking of trying the tropical vegies as i've had nothing grow in either seasons this year, so very disappointing.
    a lovely post & look forward to reading the next one
    thanx for sharing

    1. I had heard about the acclimatizing of seeds - we'll see how that goes. 'Keen beans' to see how it works out actually.

  4. Your tart looks divine, Like the idea of the fabric bags, and yes saving seed is a good idea, I have done this ready for next year.

    1. ....it tasted divine too. I was expecting it to be sickly caramelly taste....but no, it was light and airy and overly sweet.

  5. Have a lovely weekend pottering around the place. I had a quiet day yesterday, spent my time watering the gardens, reading, a picnic lunch by the river, and watched a movie on TV last night. The fabric bags look charming.

    1. Yep - I will relish it, as it has been a few weeks since I have been able to spend a weekend doing this.

  6. Hi Mr HM,
    Your home cooked food looks amazing, just think how much, per slice, that caramel dessert would be in a restaurant! I love that idea of material gift bags, I have some Christmas paper wrap to use up this year, but next year I think I will do the same.
    Your weekend sounds divine, I think I will be doing mostly the same, (not mowing, though) have a grand weekend.

  7. Hope you enjoy your weekend Phil. Sounds delightful.
    I dry our seeds on the kitchen window sill as well. I really enjoy when the big fellow asks me if we have any saved seed of whatever he is wanting to plant. So very satisfying to check out the seed box with a smile and " yes, we have some of those".
    Blessings Gail.

  8. I love pottering weekends, though it's far too hot right now I still try for outside in the wee early hours. Any chance of the recipe for that caramel tart filling??? Oh goodness it looks like a winner! Have a lovely weekend with your girls.

  9. Oh Im on my way for a piece of caramel tart! Yum!

    I havnt done it yet but have been intending too for far too long to sew cloth bags for gifts. I hate wrapping presents! LOL.


  10. I remember tomato seeds dried on kitchen towel given to us each year by Uncle Charles Hollamby. He had the best heirloom tomatoes... Hope your seed collection is very successful.


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