Wednesday Hump Day

A harvest bowl of fresh garden produce

OK folks, so it is hump day - that mid-week time for a bit of a sigh.

I have been working away on finishing the posts series on core values as well as draft writing the stockpiling posts too. Thoughts are getting jotted down for a post on the evils of car loans and I have typed up some thoughts for a post on several other topics too.

Meanwhile........the garden grows.....

Fresh garden produce straight
into tonight's salad

A TV dinner - from scratch.
Crumbed lamb chops - yummo!

Capsicum ripening quickly

Eggplant is setting fruit rapidly

Some more tomatoes to pick

The Aloe Vera I took a cutting off
a couple of months ago has had
three babies!

The gurlz....except for June who is
STILL clucky.

Kent pumpkin is now flowering

It is my favourite time of (late) spring here in Australia where you can wander out and pick a bowl of produce from the garden every evening. The feeling of abundance is all pervading - it's lovely.

So, I just thought I had better check in and post up some new pictures for you all to enjoy.  I am now super busy at work as we enter into our busiest time of the year. paying 144,000 Doctors, nurses, health professionals and hospital staff accurately every Thursday is a never ending and highly exacting job.  Ah well, no rest for the wicked.....better worn out than rusted hey?!

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Your garden is so far ahead of us here in SA, with hardly any warm weather so far. I'm not complaining though! Please do write the post about car loan evils, I shall print it and give a copy to each of my step sons who we have managed to convince not to get loans for cars. This has set them up with some of the best financial advice a parent can give to their offspring. I just want them to see it written by someone other than us, to validate it further. Also it's interesting to know what you do when you're not being a home maker and writer.

    1. You have totally motivated me to go and finish off the car loan post - it is all written up as a draft now. Now to do some car photos......

  2. Mr HM your last paragraph took me right back to my days working in a state government regional office where I was the payroll officer for departmental region. It was in this role that I developed my extremely good customers service skills and the ability to deal calmly with people when they were irate, irrational and incoherent, without reacting to and taking on-board their angst. I remember too the excitement conjured when everyone gets to translate to a new award - who needs sleep anyway!

    That garden salad looks so good. Looking forward to reading all the posts you are working on. Cheers

    1. Aha! You understand my work completely - I can tell by your insightful comment - yes! I manage about 100 staff too.

  3. Your garden is looking fantastic, much more productive then mine is looking at the moment.


    1. East coast - lots of rain through spring. Gardening in SA is a whole different world

  4. I used to be the HR director of a nursing home years ago, straight out of college! OT was never allowed so it was paid as misc. instead. It was 12 hours misc. versus the 8 hours OT and no one ever understand the pay was exactly the same! We had several hundred staff that were paid every other week and everything else that goes along with HR.

    I have since moved into the world of finance--managing a small bank for my church. Investments, savings and loans and I love it.


    1. No overtime of any description ever gets paid to me. A flat salary based on 38 hours per week - I would put in another 25 hours per week of my own time. That's just my quiet unpaid contribution to the medical/hospital community in our State. My career is part paid job and part unpaid community service - at least that's how I frame it in my head.

  5. You are doing so well with your garden!
    Any tips on growing capsicums? Mine never thrive, and turn out bitter tasting.

    1. As luck would have it, these capsicum are grown in 100% compost and in a self watering container (3 bushes in together). The compost has a fair bit of chicken shed straw and droppings in it. This is the most successful I have ever been with capsicum.

    2. Hmmm...I'm thinking they like their food!
      I will try upping the fertiliser next time I grow them.

  6. Thank you for the update :)

    Your produce is looking abundant Phil. My garden is a long way behind yours, but still looking okay. I have baby cucumbers forming, clusters of tomatoes getting bigger by the day, the rest I am patiently waiting for to grow. The plants are very slow this year because of the cooler weather we have had in SA.


  7. As my garden closes for our winter, I get a buzz reading other gardens are now upping their product, so on cold days I read of new beginnings around the world. Brings a smile to my face.

  8. Hi Mr H, your garden does look fantastic. I have been rather slack in that department lately, we are away camping until tomorrow, then it's back to work, but hopefully next weekend will see me in the garden.


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