My Simple Frugal Weight Loss - Week 7

It's a slow road to Tip-a-fatty, it's a slow road indeed (sung to the tune of It's a long way to Tipperary)

Anyhooo....a loss is still a loss I guess, sorta, maybe.

Sorry about the lack of socks...ugly feet alert!

Start weight: 120.8 kg
Start BMI: 34
Target weight: 79 kg

WEIGH IN - Week 7

Weighing in at 117.1 kg
Lost in last week: 0.7 kg
Total weight lost: 3.0 kg
Current BMI: 33

As always, take care and stay nice folks!



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I have been enjoying reading your posts 😊. I will certainly be a regular visitor from now on.

  2. Still making progress. Well done. :) My husband had an injury recently, which prevented him from doing his regular exercise. So he started watching some Crossfit documentaries, based on the annual Crossfit challenge. It helped thwart the feelings of what feels like, standing still.

    You might be able to borrow some similar documentaries from the local library, or use a free trial on Netflix to stream them. I'm not a Crossfit person, but even I found myself watching, as I could relate to their having to overcome physical challenges and the psychological ones too. My husband and I are not sports watching people, but the documentary shows what goes on behind the scenes of taking control, of your physical and psychological hurtles. You can get all men's Crossfit, but the one we watched recently, had a women's section too.

    Or if you're not a tv watching type of guy, the library always has audio books on helping with physical fitness, which you can listen to on the way to work. Not saying you need help in this area, but as my husband learned in his Army Reserves unit, it's encouraging to learn as a group - or listening from other regular guys how to conquer hurtles, to keep that momentum going. Especially when it feels like progress is slow.

    I want to commend you though, for keeping at your personal challenge.

  3. well done!
    keep going & good luck
    thanx for sharing

  4. Slow and steady wins the race phil! Just think - that's equivalent to a 3L carton of milk gone! :)

  5. I am finding my weight loss to be slow also. However, you aren't going up!
    I trust in my new diet and the increase in energy keeps me going even when the scales aren't moving much. I am also exercising more, so perhaps I'm building muscle?


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