My Best Budgeting Secret

I love the colours of Australian
bank notes.

I see a lot of articles on the virtues of having a significant amount of money set aside in case of unemployment or an unexpected major life event.  Some call it their mojo money or an emergency fund or a safety stash.....usually six months worth of expenses or income set aside untouched.

No doubt this is a worthy ideal and a goal to be achieved in the name of self reliance and financial prudence - but, so difficult to achieve without significant raw will-power!  So here is another way to achieve stealth.

Using this method you will be one month ahead in bill money at the end of 12 months, two months ahead in all bill money at the end of 24 months....and so on and so forth. Every year you accumulate another month of bill money.

Using up our copious eggs


1. Take your current budget and calculate it back to what you need to put aside for all your necessary bills on a weekly basis.
2. Next, take that weekly amount and multiple this by 52.  This gives you your yearly amount required for necessary bills.
3. Finally, take this yearly amount and divide by 47.5 (yes it must be exactly 47.5).  This is now your new MAGIC weekly amount that you need to set aside for bills without fail.

Living a great life is 100% possible
on a tight budget.

By following this budgeting secret, you will have a full month of your budget money completely unused and untouched at the end of the 12 months.

Keep employing this method year on year and specifically NOT touching that excess at the end of each year, your emergency/mojo/safety stash will grow by another month every single year with minimal weekly impact on your back pocket.  You will hardly notice this sneaky, incremental stashing method.

Just think - if you did this quietly without fanfare for 12 years, you would have an emergency fund with 12 months worth of bill money stashed away....without hardly noticing it had happened.

No meat meal - still delicious.

Lean in, give it a try - it is so low impact, so incremental, so sustainable, so doable, so simple, so clever.

Take care and stay nice.....and please pass on this budgeting tip freely every chance you get.



  1. Hubby when he worked was paid every four weeks, which we used as our monthly income, and once a year he had two pay packets in one month, we could not afford to save the extra wage packet, but it did pay for us to have a good holiday each year.

  2. I am forwarding your blog & all your great tips onto my son & daughter in law. They are soon to go onto one income as a baby is due early next year. Your tips will be so helpful to them Mr HM. Also I have purchased both of Rhondas books for them. Thanks for all that you share.

  3. that does seem clever
    will pass it on to my sister
    thanx for sharing

  4. My hubby is on retirement and only get paid once a month. Since I work I get paid every other Saturday.
    I found out if you truely know the difference between a need, want, and what your legeal respondiblity usual one does ok when budgeting.
    If you find the time stop in for cup of coffee...Stop in from Down to Earth

  5. What?? Will print out to study later. Sounds ingenious & will need all the help I can get when weekly pay turns to monthly in couple of weeks. Love your posts that make us think outside the box. Thankyou. Ruth.


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