Frugal In Pictures

Hi Folks

Here are some little frugal things we have done lately that have saved us from spending unnecessary money. The great thing about some of these is that they have been executed rather nicely by some of our daughters.  This frugality thing might just be catching-on a little.....I hope.

Youngest daughter made these potted succulents as a
'thank you' gift to her birthday guests.  They worked out
costing her $1 each.

The girls have been experimenting with
using old books that we have culled
for decorations...some more
further down too

We got a new inside lounge suite so instead of getting rid of
the old one, we repurposed it as an outside setting on the deck.
Cost for 7 seater outside setting = $0

Waiting for guests to pick their fave
succulent as they leave.

A view of the deck with furniture
all in place

The opposite view of the deck now

Some more Christmas decorations made from old books
Cost $0.  Heaps more of these are getting made as we speak.

Miss 16's birthday cake made from scratch
by daughter # 3.
Saved a motza by cooking this from scratch

Take care and stay nice Folks!


Container gardening along
the back wall of the house.
Faces North East.


  1. I love the idea of the succulents,lovely gift idea.

  2. gorgeous ideas, thanks to all your lovely daughters x

  3. Mr.HM those decorations look great. We have LOTS of old books. Hmmm!

  4. Your lucky to have a wonderful sheltered out door area! :) looks fantastic.


  5. I love that birthday cake it looks as good as any bought cake I have seen. Yet the obvious love put into making it makes it incredibly special You must be so proud of the wonderful family life you have created and now to pass these values down to your children is priceless. shelley

  6. We once saved all the picture sheets from a few weeks of our tv magazine and made paper chains. Love those little hanging ones, any link to how to do them please?

  7. Clever girls! I am loving those paper decorations. And that cake is spectacular.


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