A Quick Picture Post

Glazing some hot spiced scrolls

Hi folks

I'm in a quiet mood today, no talking....just going to share some pictures with you to enjoy.

The view south from our picnic
bench recently

Fried southern chicken with
a fresh garden salad all
from scratch

A lovely raw salad topped with

The view north to Newcastle
from our picnic bench.

A fresh salad with spinach
and feta rolls in puff pastry

Unglazed scrolls

Glazed scrolls - these were
served with coffee after dinner.
I 'stole' two away for my lunch.

Hoping everyone in the bush fires we have had locally are making out alright and hoping our American friends are doing OK with their voting today too.

I'm off to have a quiet cuppa now and to keep counsel with myself.

Thinking of you all.

Take care now.....and stay nice.



  1. Those glazed rolls look pretty irresistible. I hope you enjoyed your cuppa.

  2. Proof positive that the simple things in life are truly the best!

  3. Those fires down your way have been atrocious Phil. We headed to Newcastle last Saturday, but on the way home the highway had been cut so we took a much more scenic route home. Luckily we know the area, so it wasn't too big of a deal...but many were just stranded on the side of the highway, not knowing what to do.
    Those scrolls sure look yummy.

  4. I could happily grab a scroll and a cuppa and get lost in my thoughts at the moment. Xx

  5. Hi. I came by from Chris's. The glazed rolls look scrumptious and I haven't had breakfast yet!

    I'm curious about your fried southern chicken. I'm in the southeaster US so "fried southern" brings something mouthwateringly specific to mind. Is there an Aussie version of fried southern chicken, as in from southern Australia? Just curious!

    1. Hi Leigh - It is the American version of southern fried chicken....nothing beats it. Just makes you feel better about life!

    2. I agree! I just happen to be frying some up today. It's wonderful hot, but even better cold.

  6. Brilliant photos just the thing to see from a freezing UK.

  7. Those rolls look delicious! I'm trying to not stay up to watch election news since I have a very early morning, but I have a feeling it's going to be hard to turn it off.

  8. Love the pictures Phil. Sometimes words are not needed...

    Hope the fires are not affecting where you are located. Thoughts and prayers with those caught up in the fires.

    I have been wanting to try making cinnamon scrolls. Yours look delicious!

    Nice views too!

    A quiet cuppa is good for the soul.


  9. The scrolls look yummo Phil. I can almost taste them


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