Simple Food From Scratch

Two plump roasted hens stuffed with quarters
of lemon and onion.

Hi folks

I thought that tonight I would just post a handful of food pictures.  This food is made from scratch, prepared with love, does not stand on ceremony, fills hungry tummies, makes everyone feel loved and nourished.

Here goes:

Tip: use saved butter wrappers instead of baking paper.
...see the fresh eggs in the background?

Southern fried chicken - just makes
you feel better about life.

Broccoli and cauliflower bake with
cheese and cheese sauce.

Table set out on the verandah

Pulled chicken hot, juicy
and ready to eat.

Baked potato and baked
sweet potato hot and fragrant.

Pavlova made with fresh eggs
from our hens.

Peas and corn in the background
steamed with a little honey drizzled
over them.

Chicken carcasses and vegetables
being made into chicken stock.
Tip: use chicken stock in your mashed
potatoes for a beautiful flavour.

Take care folks - stay nice now!



  1. Simple home cooking is ALWAYS the best!!

  2. great food! now i'm hungry lol

    thanx for sharing

  3. I think I may be drooling, it all looks so good xx

    1. Ha ha Cheryl ! - nothing beats tasty comfort food.

  4. Oh, yum! Now I'm hungry and just finished breakfast. Have to go see what I can rustle up for morning tea!

  5. Beautiful food, lovingly prepared, always tastes wonderful.


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