Saturday Gossip

Least night's supper. Fresh fruit, small goods,
dips, crackers, pate, bread and wine.

There's nothing like indulging in a little harmless gossip.  Lean in and I will let you know all the bits and bobs of what's been going on around here lately.

Well, over the years I have been sent on such a 'ride' by motor mechanics that I now deeply mistrust all motor mechanics (totally unfair, I  know), so when the old 1988 Mitsubishi Colt (only has 70,000 kms on the clock however) would not start a couple of days ago I decided to give the local mobile mechanic a go. So, $571.00 for a new starter motor and a major service later....and then moving onto the need to fix a pre-existing carburetor problem which will cost me a further $740.00 for rebuilding the carburetor and reinstalling along with all new filters etc.  Thank goodness for an emergency fund! In fairness, plenty of this came out of my budgeted car maintenance account that I put into each week.  Time will tell if these repairs have been carried out professionally - fingers crossed that I might have found a reliable and honest mechanic.

Bottles of oils, wines, spirits and sauces lined up on top
of the kitchen cupboards.

We had a super rainstorm last night with lightening and thunder.  The rain fell heavily all night long. Time to let the dove out the window maybe? The place was awash this morning but seems to be draining away now. We have a tin roof.....any wonder I did not sleep last night.  I do enjoy the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof....but just not all night long perhaps.

Time to move the pumpkins
to their own spot to spread out.
They will take over in no time.

Blackie the hen is becoming slowly more blind and is starting to have trouble finding food.  I am going to have to feed her specifically I think.  She also seems to be getting increasingly confused....I wonder if chooks get dementia?  Yesterday she was stopped in front of the retaining rail that separates the grass from the pathway and could not seem to figure out how to step up and over it.  She just sat there and clucked in annoyance. She also gets frightened when she cannot see where the rest of the hens have wandered off to and goes into a mad clucking frenzy.  Poor old thing. She is going to need some special love me thinks.

Hmmmm....time to sort our my
tie rack.

I am thinking of starting a series of posts on leaning into the discipline of stockpiling....perhaps from the view point of a tentative beginner to stockpiling and not committing much money upfront.  I will also continue on and finish the core values series too. On my previous blog I was far more disciplined about pumping out posts - this time around I only write when I have the urge.....when I feel 'moved'.

Consumer debt at our place is being systematically smashed and the light is definitely shining brightly at the end of that tunnel. However, I can feel end-of-race exhaustion creeping in - gotta stay focused. Freedom is just around the next corner.

The container vegetables
going great guns

We have had a couple of weeks off and am due back to work on Monday.  I had big plans for the last couple of weeks, however we both just spent the entire two weeks in a state of catch-up exhaustion and did absolutely nothing.  We were actually surprised just how tired and worn out we both were and on day number two agreed that we probably just needed to scrap our plans and just chill for the two weeks. Both of us underestimated just how much we had 'hit the wall'.  I am glad we have done nothing as we can feel some energy starting to come back.  Perhaps we should have taken longer - I have so much unused annual leave accrued.....maybe next time.

I'll stop leaning over your side of the fence now and let you get on with your day.

Nice chatting.

Take care.  Stay nice.



  1. Mr.HM it is good that you both have had some time off. You have a gruelling schedule each work day. I thought that the travel was only going to be for twelve months but you must have been commuting much longer than that now. I would find it hard to keep my eyes open.

    1. The commute on the train 25 hours each week was originally only to be 1 year, but this has now extended to next April. After that the job front is very uncertain. true self-reliant style I am making hay whilst the sun shines.

  2. I'm glad to hear you rested for the two weeks. Wee are at that stage where we need a long rest. We are so tired and it's been such a big year with various unexpected hold delays and complications.

    Unfortuently ownin the business I'm unsure how we achieve that. Financially and practically....perhaps it will sell this year. Sometimes G can take a few afternoons off.....Oh we can dream!


    1. Business ownership is tough - an endless cycle. You would understand the law of diminishing returns when running on 'empty'

  3. glad you had a good rest this time, perhaps next time might be better for going away to rest with people looking after you both :))
    stock piling, now that's something i haven't done for some time, not having anyone else here i haven't had the 'need' so to speak but i do cringe at my almost empty pantry though ...
    poor Blackie, hope she does better with the special attention
    thanx for sharing

  4. I think periods of rest are so necessary--not only for our bodies' sake, but our minds as well.
    You're so good to Blackie. It's hard to watch pets go downhill. Good luck

  5. Holiday day at home is so rewarding, no airports or long drives, we aim for once a month to have a weekend at home with nothing to do, helps the stress levels.

  6. I love "nibbles" dinners, we sometimes have them on balmy summer nights when no one wants to cook over a hot oven or BBQ.
    I look forward to your series about stock piling. Our family just got back from holidays, and were quite broke after ward...ahem...(better planning required next time) but I've fed us for the past two weeks from stock piled pantry and freezer items to help us get back on top of things. It was a real blessing to have all that food there.
    Sounds like you really needed a break, I hope you can find that pep in your step now.
    Cheers Cheryl

  7. We can relate to 2 of the things you wrote Mr Homemaker.
    A. End- of -race exhaustion as we are close to being debt free-- 8 more month for us and I said to hubby " why does it feel harder now we are almost at the end of it?"

    B. Catch- up-Exhaustion when you have time off work. DH gets regular time off the farm but when he is at work it is full on. We have plans but most times he just wants to catch up on sleep and we stay home :-)
    Great post Mr Homemaker

  8. I am so glad you both rested during your holiday. I think we tend to underestimate the mental and emotional drain that goes along with our daily work days. We can spend so many days at work racing from one task to another while at the same time dealing with the emotional emergencies of our co-workers personal lives (health issues, marriage breakups, kids being bullied at school etc) is it any wonder we hit the wall. On the mechanic front, I know what it is like to be taken for a ride - I am very lucky that we have a terrific mechanic. My husband used to work with him years ago when they both worked for the same car dealership. This guy is honest, diligent and dependable.

  9. I'd love a 'stay-cation'. When we holiday, its exhausting then we come home and get straight back into it, leaving us exhausted again. We've been in our 'new' house for 12 years and I haven't had a week off just to sit and be here yet.
    Staying home is a good move.


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