My Simple Frugal Weight Loss - Week 5 and 6

Food....central to so much meaning in our life.
Dieting therefore challenges this very paradigm.

Hi folks - I was grumpy last week and did not want to weigh I sulked and did not (highly emotionally intelligent hey!? Not.)

I fell off the wagon but am now back on - phew.

My socks remind me of something off Dr Seuss!

Start weight: 120.8 kg
Start BMI: 34
Target weight: 79 kg

WEIGH IN - Week 5 and 6

Weighing in at 117.8 kg
Lost in last week: 0.7 kg
Total weight lost: 3.0 kg
Current BMI: still 34

Take care and stay nice folks



  1. Keep going!!! It will be worth it, it so many ways!

  2. The faster it comes off, the faster it goes back on, a healthy body is thoughtful , healthy food choices not a 'diet' so keep up the good work. Lots of fibre is good for your gut and will help with weight loss.

  3. Love your socks, we all fall off the wagon, well done for just getting back on.

  4. Encouragement time------ 3 kgs is jolly good in the time you have been losing your weight Mr Homemaker. Like you I too fell off the wagon but am now back on it again . This is the hardest " thorn in my side" that I have to contend with but slower losing weight is better. Many things go into weight loss and it is not just about the foods. Emotions and outside influences all play a part and when you are a foodie person it is not easy. I try not to beat myself up when I have a glitch :-)

  5. You can do it. This is a lifetime choice, with no deadlines. So learning to ride the waves becomes the focus, not how much weight came off. Because the sooner you can master the waves, the more efficient you'll be at using your energy. Don't waste it on negative talk or putting yourself down. You're the only champion of this race, so you need to build yourself up with positive talk and a firm eye on strategy. :)

    You can do it, because you're intelligent, you're use to coordinating strategies at work, and also dealing with the negative talk of others in their work performance. Streamline your own performance and plot the waves, to ride the least fluctuations. Find those sweet spots, so it becomes a fun challenge again, instead of an endless war with food.

    My own battle with weight, was never just about the food. It was about emotional eating too. I used food to fix my problems. I always felt happier with food - even if it was slowly killing me and shortening the lifespan I had with my family. So I laid it all out on the table and started focussing on long term strategies instead, and what were my response going to be, when I fell off the wagon? One response was to never give up. Accept some losses along the way, but don't ever concede this wasn't an important endeavour to pursue anyway.

    Another response, was to be more kind to myself. Obviously I needed something, if I was eating out of an emotional need, rather than a physical requirement. So what did I "really" need to hear or accept about myself, which was being blocked by self-doubt and disillusionment? None of this may apply to you, but I'm just putting it out there, in case it might help in your journey. :)

    1. Thanks Chris - I use food to deal with anxiety. Anxiety (as it turns out) has similar psychological sensations as hunger (bother it!). Well, a loss is a loss....and I am learning heaps about myself too.

  6. keep going you are doing well!
    there's always a little something that snags you along the way, you've only been at it 3 weeks, slow & steady wins the race :))
    thanx for sharing


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