My Simple Frugal Weight Loss - Week 3

The beautiful flowering
paper bark tree in our yard....

The scales have been cowering in the corner all week waiting  for their weekly torture session.

Yah.... 118.7 kg.  Down, down. Happy.
 Only several ton to go!

Start weight: 120.8 kg
Start BMI: 34
Target weight: 79 kg

WEIGH IN - Week 3

Weighing in at 118.7 kg
Lost in last week: 0.7 kg
Total weight lost: 2.1 kg
Current BMI: still 34

Needless to say I am not eating quite as much of this type of
delicious homemade fare as before.

Welp...this process sure is the epitome of 'slow'.  At this rate I will be goal weigh on my 83rd birthday. Hee hee.

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. You may not feel like it but you are doing well Mr HM. It is such a good idea to only weigh yourself weekly as our body weights fluctuate daily. My sis-in-law weighs herself daily & causes herself all kinds of grief. You may have a steady weight loss for awhile & then reach a plateau for awhile where its hard to shift but do persevere. And remember if you have a bad day & have a "binge" dont beat yourself up ... just get back on track the next day. You may be able to tell from all this that I had a weight loss journey a few years ago. You are doing well ... keep up the great work !!! I am reaching into the screen here & giving you a cyber pat on the back.

  2. Lol Phil, you will get there. Slow and steady wins the race remember :)

    At least you lost some weight, better than a gain right?

    For me the biggest weight gainers are bread, sugar and cheese!

    Keep plodding along,


  3. You are doing great in your weight loss Phil. I have lost 5.1 kg in 4 weeks and everyone says how well I am doing but as you well know it is jolly hard work. I didn't wake up and it was gone!!!!!! I said goodbye to homemade bread and peanut butter at this time as they were foods I had trouble controlling myself over. I like to think of the weight loss in my mind as pounds of butter so you have lost just over 4 lbs of butter wohooooo.

  4. Yes, but by 83, the health benefits would have compounded inextricably. :)

    I always try to look at paying attention to my diet, not as weight loss, but more as health gain. When I feel better, I know I'm winning. I too gave up bread and most carbs. I eat a bit of rice, and the occasional muffin. The recipe I use however, is mostly banana and nut butter, which are easily processed by the body.

    The problem with carbs is, they are addictive. Because our bodies can't process the nutrients from them as readily as unadulterated food. So they hang around the body longer, being turned into fat, before they slowly leave the system again. Because we're not receiving the nutritional benefit, we crave more of it.

    By upping your protein levels though - especially guys, who can convert protein to muscle more efficiently than women, you increase the potential for your metabolism to speed up. Meaning fat gets harder to put on.

    Protein doesn't have to come in the form of meat either. Quinoa is a seed high in protein, natural greek yoghurt has a lot of protein also. Nuts like cashews, almonds and brazil nuts, all high in proteint. Try to avoid getting protein from legumes and soy though, as they can cause inflammation and water retention in some people. Which is not what you want, when you're attempting to lose weight. Because what you're seeing on the scales is not fat, but retained water. You can get your protein from better sources.

    Hang in there though. Give yourself at least 6 weeks, because that's how long it takes to change a habit without having to constantly fight it with willpower. Well done for gaining health benefits. :)

  5. As you say it's down and down so well done.

  6. P.S. I so agree with you Tanga and potatoes are another for me.

  7. Hi Phil, if you want to be encouraged by your weight loss so far, then think of 2kgs of butter and that's how much fat you've actually lost. Next time you're in the supermarket check your weight loss by putting that amount in butter in your hands!!!!!!!! You're doing really well my friend, hang in there.
    Blessings Gail.

  8. well done!
    losing a little is better than gaining, slow & steady wins the race! it will take time but YOU can do it!
    don't try to give up too much too soon either, that can cause problems.
    also a little goes a long way :))
    thanx for sharing


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