Reinvent Your Life - PART 1

The humble seed teaches us a life lesson.......
a huge new life is possible out of a tiny dried-up seed.

WE spend so much of our life climbing other people's mountains and making other people successful that it is way too easy to live an entire lifetime without actually having lived OUR life.

Life does not have to be awash with riches or assets, but it does have to be a meaningful and well-lived life. Much of our tiredness and anxiety springs from not living the life we were meant to live.

It is never too late to stop dead in our tracks, sit down in the middle of the dusty road of life, draw up a new life and start again. Sometimes this is forced upon us by a divorce or civil unrest or a major illness.....but, if we have the courage to reinvent our life voluntarily without the duress of a life event, then it is all the more powerful.

Homemade sourdough bread

There are many ways to begin the process to reinvent our lives - here is just one method to perhaps start the journey:


  1. STOP.  Just stop dead in our tracks, grab a pen and paper and get comfy
  2. REFUSE to be disturbed till all the following steps are properly completed (lock the door or walk down to the park if needs be - just ensure you are not disturbed by other adults)
  3. Write down how you would spend your days if time, money and people's opinions and expectations were not factors. Be quite strict with yourself about the premise here (ignore the critical voices)
  4. Calculate how many hours you currently get to spend weekly on each thing on your list of meaningful things.
  5. Calculate as percentage of hours available in a week (112 hours are available to all of  us after 8 hours sleep a night)
  6. IMPORTANT QUESTION: Are you really happy with the percentage of your life that you spend doing the things that are truly meaningful to you?

If yes - you do not need to reinvent your life (yippee!).
If no - then you urgently need to reinvent your life. 

The beauty of a flower starts with
a single dry and unremarkable seed

Here is an example of how to complete the 6 steps

Weekly Time Spent Currently
Vegetable Gardening
1 hour
0 hours
0 hours
Caravan Touring
0 hours
Family Dinners
2 hours
Writing Book
1 hour
Collecting Teapots
1 hour
Amateur Theatre
0 hours
5 hours
112 hours
Percentage Spent
Percentage Wasted

  • So we can see very clearly from the above example that this person only spends 4.46% of their waking hours doing things that are truly meaningful to them. 
  • We can also clearly see that 95.54% of their life is meaningless, mundane and largely pointless. 

The numbers do not lie (despite the 'very important' excuses that are now rushing into our heads) it time to fully or partially reinvent our life?  Do we now instantly understand why life can seem such a 'drag' sometimes?  Can we now see why we are always so tired?  Can we see why life can seem so meaningless sometimes? So many of us sense that we are running on empty - this profound little activity proves it.

Operating at a 4.46% meaningful life is a serious life flaw - it will certainly make us sick and stressed.

Homemade shaving soap

By the way, it is totally OK to be upset or even angry if your percentages came out looking bad (most folks' do). That is the whole point of this create self awareness and plant a seed that will shift a paradigm in our thinking.  Getting sad and angry about the poor result is just a healthy way to kick-start our grieving for a life that we are not living. Lean into the sadness as it will soon become a huge wave of power to create the change we need to self-administer

Toshi - our deeply trouble but
very loved cat.


In PART 2 we will chat about the powerful ways to reinvent our lives if the answer to the 6 steps in this activity was a wake-up call. We will also chat about making the change when all around you are not on board or there seems to be massive obstacles in the way. Watch this space.

After all, the true explanation of success is just to live the life you want to live. Simple.

Take care folks

Stay nice.



  1. Hmmm I'm a pretty low percentage at the moment, but I do think that some sacrifice is necessary to set up the life I want. Working hard both in paid wirk and renovating our house is not my first choice but something I have to do ay the moment. Its s good reminder to keep working towards that goal and not get into any debt that would mean I had to keep working longer than I want to!

  2. As I am retired I could probably do a lot of those things on the list if I really wanted to. Being a carer does tend to put a spanner in the works though at times. A good thoughtful post as usual, Mr.HM.

    1. Even increasing the percentage a little will create a significantly increased sense of well-being.

  3. I like this idea Phil and will sit down and give it a go. It will be interesting to see what can be done when all around you are not on board, or you have certain caring responsibilities. I'm sure there is a way around these things, we just need to find the detour!

  4. I have gone back to uni because I hated my job and I have been enjoying my subject of choice and the process of studying. I did stick at my job until my maternity leave started but I won't be going back. Like Liz said sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your long term goal but at the same time you do not want to be doing this for too long. The end must be in sight like it was for me. Great Post.

  5. All too true Mr HM. I feel pretty irked about it myself. I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic" at the moment and I am willing to bet you would enjoy it. It is about creative living, and I am finding the book most inspiring.

    1. Oh - that sounds an intriguing read Sherri. Going to look that up for myself.

  6. Interesting idea. I attempted it, but feel like I need another category of things I don't want to do, but have to do. I love gardening and I also love eating, so they would be on my meaningful list, but I don't really enjoy the necessary washing, chopping and cooking that is required between those two actions. Like for your step #3, if money wasn't issue then I would spend my mornings puttering about in my garden and bring in a bountiful basket of fresh veggies to an amazing chef that turns it into a delicious meal while I read or write or spending time crafting. Alas, that isn't possible in my world. However, it shows that I wouldn't list cooking on my meaningful list, but I don't feel like it's wasted time either. It's one of the must dos in life.

    1. The premise is strict Julie....that's why we baulk at needing that extra category. Those things we do not want to do but feel obliged to do are us climbing someone else's mountain.

  7. Interesting post! I think it really shows when you meet someone whose work (day job) aligns with what they really love and enjoy. I haven't met too many of those people though. I really loved my job but all the hours and additional pressures that went with it was just too much in the end and stealing too much time away from my family and making our family circumstances actually harder. So, after twenty years, I just walked away. I doubt I'll ever go back in any kind of regular capacity. That's presented its challenges but its an interesting journey and one on which I'm learning a lot.


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