My Simple Frugal Weight Loss - Week 1

RIGHT! OK! (clears throat) It's 'time'! (somewhat like Mr Badger from Wind In The Willows)

If indeed I am simplifying my life, if indeed I have the will-power and motivation to slay consumer debt, if I have the wherewithal to change my life as I have so far, then it is time to face the next BIG dragon in my life. My obesity.

I was a very thin bloke when I was married 27 years ago, probably borderline unhealthly skinny caused by general anxiety and being unable to eat much at all.  Over time this has now done a big back-flip and I now eat to dull the feelings of anxiety (which physiologically feel so similar to hunger for me)

So, I am sharing a weekly post with you all to keep on track.

I am no dietitian. I am not a doctor and am in no way qualified to give medical advice, dietary advice or exercise advise.  This is just a weekly journal to chat about, share and record my weight loss.

To be in keeping with my beliefs and new life direction over the last few years of frugality, self reliance, simplicity, peacefulness and anti-consumerism -  the following will be the premise of my weight loss regime:

  •   No weight loss programs that cost money
  •   No purchasing of weight loss products 
  •   No buying low calorie foods/meals from the supermarket
  •   I refuse to pay for a gym or gym equipment
  •   No gimmicks or crack-pot regimes
  •   Eating whole foods
  •   Eating fresh vegetables and fruit
  •   Fresh unprocessed meats
  •   Eschewing added sugars
  •   Natural exercise like walking, running and body-weight exercises
  •   No soft drinks or packaged juices
  •   No quitting even if I make a judgement error or fall off the wagon - straight back on.
  •   Embracing periods of hunger sensation
  •   No increase in food budget allowed
  •   Saying "no" to packaged and processed foods


This is my starting weight 120.8 kg

This picture was taken just moments before several springs
shot out of the scales and the display reverted to showing
the word FAT.  Hehe!

My ideal weight is approx 79 kg 

(according to the BMI and weight calculator from the Australian Heart Foundation which tells me I should weigh between 64 kg and 86 kg so I chose a middle figure of this range)

Weight required to be lost is 41.8 kg

At 186 cm tall the calculator says I am OBESE with a BMI of 34

For our non-metric readers 1 kg equals 2.20462 pounds other news, here are some pictures from around our place recently - I'll let them do the talking.

Last nights tea cooked from scratch.
Fluffy rice and sweet'n'sour sausages

Some of my hens...all healthy and happy

Tomatoes beginning to set.

Kent pumpkins transplanted at last

The aubergines have taken off like a shot

Eggs, eggs, eggs....and more eggs

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. I admire you hugely because of the way you are so honest with yourself and your philosophies. Your sense of humour is lovely.
    I have tried to lose weight many times and this time I actually am and I'm not hungry. I read a life changing book. I won't tell you about it or what it recommends because there are so many overwhelming opinions out there. If you do want to know just let me know as I'm happy to share.
    I have replaced potato with kumara (sweet potato) and don't eat bread but do have an occasional wrap (flatbread). I avoid sugar and hidden sugars.
    I am doing this for 8 weeks and then those foods will be a very occasional treat. It is 5 weeks on Tuesday and I hope to have lost 4 to 5 kilos then.
    I hope to lose a further 20 kilos by March just by plodding along. I also do a steep hill walk every 2nd day as well as my daily ambles with our dog.
    I feel better already. I will be interested to see if my blood pressure and cholesterol levels decrease too. For me it is about good nutrition, good health and the weight loss will be a glorious gift.
    I too have suffered with anxiety plus depression. I 'get' what you are saying.
    I really wanted to share this to encourage you and I think your list is spot on.

    1. Thanks Jamie - I need to be honest and blunt with myself as i have always made excuses....I'm now sick of listening to my own excuses. The big battle here will be in my head.
      I really appreciate your encouraging note.

  2. Good on you, MR.HM. Being careful with how much sugar you consume is a good start. It would be hard to exercise much with your long travel times but not impossible. All the best with achieving your goals.

    1. Thanks Nanna Chel. The no sugar regime certainly paid benefits for you. This in itself is a giant step forward. Exercise - my girls will be dragging me along on their walks and runs around our lovely rural neighbourhood.

  3. Love the enthusiasm and the no gimmicks to lose it approach. Blackie and the rest of the chooks look well too. :)

    1. Thanks Chris. It is gong to be tough but I cannot wait any longer. 50 next year and if I do not turn my health around then life will not hold a future for me or my family.

  4. Wishing you all sorts of good luck as you challenge yourself on this one!

  5. Good on you!! I'm a just a bit older than you and I'm finding I'm losing a bit of weight by eating more plant based meals. I still eat fish at least once per week and chicken a couple of times. Twenty years ago I couldn't have cooked an edible vegetarian meal but now I can make a huge range. There are so many amazing healthy food blogs out there for free. I agree totally about no weight loss potions or gym equipment. It's just a few changes here and there so then it becomes the norm - like frugality. Also plant based meals are often cheaper. Mushrooms are an amazing meat substitute. Baked beans on toast are wonderful when you're busy and you can make your own with your own tomatoes. Good luck - I know you can crack 100kg

    1. My big nemesis are breads and milk - I love them but they do not love me back.

    2. Or maybe they really do love you - and that is why they hang around. Talk of "losing" weight always amuses me Mr HM, because the only time I "lost" weight was many years ago when I was distressed to the point of not being able to eat and walking for two hours a day to help cope with the stress I was living with. Now days the only things I lose are things like sunglasses, pens and keys. But do I ever misplace my excess weight? No. Big sigh!

  6. Best wishes Mr HM on this journey. Love all the eggs, funny how they all want to lay in the same box. Mine are the same.

    1. Thanks Barb - I think all the eggs may be an answer to protein balance in my diet.

      Yes the hens are funny like that - there are 2 other nests which they use occasionally, but mostly they line up for the one

  7. Good luck Mr HM, by chance I read your blog tonite I to decided tomorrow I start my weight lose journey I have 15kgs I have to loose for health reasons, same hear no gimmicks just honest whole foods and walking.I will let you know horw I go.Good Luck.

  8. Quitting sugar will make a huge difference, sounds like you're on the right track :)

  9. I use an apt called myfitnesspal, it shows all the ingredients, by scanning the barcodes, we already had low salt and fat diet, so now we war against hidden sugar, only eating home made and not processed foods and cutting out everything with white flour works for us, we still have treats but as well as losing weight slowly we also feel much better. Good Luck with your goals, you are right once you sort your head the rest will follow.

  10. Great news Phil. You can do it and we'll be encouraging you all the way. Great idea to keep yourself accountable to your friends.
    Blessings Gail.
    P.S. Drink. A glass of water when you crave a bit of sugar as that sometimes helps.

  11. Mr HM As someone who has been there myself (116 kg now sitting at 79 kg while 9 months pregnant) I can only tell you that what worked for me was a few basic things. 1, Eat a lot less - people were often shocked at how little I ate (never more than what would be considered an entree at a restaurant and if still hungry add a veggie based salad) but since I had a seated job I could not burn off more calories. 2, Eat off a bread and butter plate for main meals and fill with more protien and veg than carbs 3, Change your drinking habits - Do not drink anything within 15 before eating and 45 minutes after, might sound like a gimmick but a dietitian I know who deals in morbid obesity told me this stops the solid foods from getting flushed through your system too quickly and leaving you feeling hungry again. 4, No sugar or as little as possible 5, Eat 6 times a day never miss morning, afternoon tea and supper but make these snack fresh fruit, full fat yogurt, cheese and crackers 6 other than sugar do not ban anything from your diet, 7 Eat full fat everything as you stay fuller longer 8 Do not do any exercise that leaves you feeling that it was hard enough to deserve a "reward or treat" for the effort Walking is the best and a cheap pedometer can help you get your 10000 steps per day.
    If you want any more info feel free to email me and keep in mind this is a long term change - it took me 2 years. Sending you loads of support.

  12. good luck on your weight loss journey
    thanx for sharing

  13. I've gone from 80 kilos to 62 since January simply by eating
    smaller portions and drinking less wine (I don't drink any
    other caloric drinks). My basic diet has always been very
    healthy - I just ate too much. Luckily I don't have a sweet
    tooth at all and don't eat meat or processed foods which
    made it a lot easier. I agree with Fiona - don't ban anything.
    I love good wine so I decided from the beginning to allow
    myself two glasses a day. And be sure to move more. Good luck!

  14. All the best with your weight loss programme Mr HM. I like the way you have aligned your goals with your simple living ethics. Maybe it all boils down to living more like our grandparents did. Everyone in those fabulous old movies of the 40's are as slim as reeds!

  15. Best wishes on this journey Phil, I admire your sensible approach, and I know you will lose weight this way. Do you read Whole Larder Love blog by Rohan? Even if you just read his intro, I think it will pique your interest. I think it was him who said, "It took me twenty years to get to this size, so why did I expect to lose it in a few months", (or something like that) either way wise advice!

    1. I have just looked up Whole Larder Love.....I'm hooked already!

    2. I thought you would like him :)

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