Geode Cake by Thrifty Daughter

APPARENTLY  geode cakes are now all the rage.  The prices are exorbitant.

You could imagine my horror tonight as I walked in the door and saw a geode birthday cake on the bench in all its glory (ker-ching!). On closer inspection I realised it was on one of our white plates......aaah....clever daughter's first attempt at a geode cake for a tiny fraction of the price of a bought one.

See, you can have fun, be trendy and be frugal too.

A geode cake is meant to emulate the look of crystaline rock formations (you know the types you get in geology museums).

Check out the pic's from each angle (not the best photography as it is not picking up the sparkling effect of the crystals)

Take care and stay nice folks.


Oh, we had dinner too.


  1. Well, you learn something every day, Mr.HM. I have never heard of a Geode cake! It certainly is 'different'.

    1. Certainly more clever than pretty ..... but there you have it. Only the tiniest taste for me. It is a Mississippi mud base with Indian baked fudge icing over the cake. The crystal rocks are made form dark and white chocolate with coloured sugard crystals inside each.

  2. Lucky you...a clever daughter indeed! You have trained her well:) To the birthday celebrant...wishing you more happy and blessed birthdays to come:)

  3. looks interesting, well done for making her own!
    love those crystals
    thanx for sharing

  4. I have never heard of this before, how cool!


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