Breakfast For Less Than $1

The simple beauty of a strawberry blossom

How much do we pay for breakfast normally?  If you are a harried worker grabbing breakfast at your favourite cafe in town, the minimum you would probably pay for breakfast is $4.50 a day.

In the interest of saving $1000 a year on bought breakfasts, here is a simple easy breakfast for well under $1 that is nourishing and only takes one and a half minutes in the microwave.

Pop beans into the ramekin.... crack your egg in too.....

....microwave for 1.5 minutes. Season. Enjoy.

Eggs and Baked Beans Hot-Pot

You'll need:
2 or 3 tablespoons of baked beans
1 egg
You'll also need a ramekin with a lid

  1. Ladle 2 table spoons of baked beans into a ramekin 
  2. Crack egg on top of the baked beans
  3. Pop lid on the ramekin
  4. Microwave for 1.5 mins
  5. Season to taste
  6. Enjoy!

Perhaps you have a favourite breakfast place in your yard?
This is mine - two old tea chests, a couple of resin chairs
and Cecil the cyclamen for company.

I am sure there are many, many nourishing breakfasts easily made for under $1 if we cared to think it through.

Take care and stay nice folks.



  1. That's a great breakfast that I reckon would be a winner at my place. We have porridge pretty regularly which I think is a pretty frugal brekkie too. Meg

  2. Porridge made with coconut cream instead of water and milk. Nuts and half a banana. Around $1.50 if banana is a decent price. If not then nuts and a couple of tinned peach slices. Special and cheap

  3. Mr HM, that strawberry blossom looks light pink. Our pink one is a dark pink so yours must be another variety again. I have found ours isn't as productive as the white flowered ones for some reason.

  4. Porridge is my cheap "go to" breakfast.
    I eat it with any soft sliced fruit I've got, a dollop of natural yoghurt, a tiny drizzle of honey, and if I've got any nuts I will chop them up and sprinkle on top for the crunch.
    I've never calculated the cost, but I think if you left off the nuts, it would be under a dollar too. I feel like some for breakfast tomorrow, now that I've talked about it!

  5. I used to love having this for lunch, before I had to give up legumes. A sprinkle of diced ham or bacon is delicious too. But it would put up the cost a little more.

    Yours looks really convenient and easy to serve one. Which is handy for a quick, take-away breakfast. When I used to make mine for two, I would use a frying pan with lid, and poach the eggs in the beans. It takes a bit longer though.

    My breakfast nowadays, is home made stewed apple and rubarb (chilled) with a tablespoon of greek yoghurt on top. Cheaper than buying those pre-made fruit and yoghurt.

  6. We eat from our garden mainly for breakfast. At the moment the rhubarb is doing well so it's that with yoghurt and then scrabbled eggs from our hens cooked with onions a bit of spinach and kale and maybe a bit of grated carrot. A slice of our home baked bread. Cost is virtually nothing.
    Blessings Gail.

  7. That looks awesome! Yum, why haven't I tried this before?
    My new favourite breakfast is whole oats that have been soaked overnight with a splash of ACV (makes it more digestible) and cooked with some chopped dried dates for sweetness. Works out to about .40c for a big bowl. More if I splash some soymilk in there.

    Lunch at the moment is steamed potatoes with chilli beans, which I'm guesstimating is about $1.20 max.

    Eat these for breakfast and lunch every weekday and I'm 1. saving a lot of money 2. getting healthier 3. appreciating the more indulgent foods a whole lot more on the weekend!

  8. Love the recipe and the brekky spot! I'm trying to eat more greens at the moment, so grab leaves from the garden, chop and add to scrambled eggs or omelette. Eat in on the back deck with the corgi...nice!

  9. If I needed to buy breakfast on the way to work, it would signal to me that it was time to take a serious look at my morning routine. Mr HM, I am really amused at how people "have" to drink pod coffee. We have a pod coffee machine set up in the kitchen and staff pay $1 for pod coffee. Interestingly most of the staff choose the free instant coffee over the pod coffee.... and the pod coffee drinkers are the ones that complain the most of household maintenance expenses.


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