Who Should Do What?

Crispy skin salmon on rosemary infused potato cakes
and topped with pistachio and parsley.

THE never ending tussle of who should do what - who should be responsible for this or that - what gets paid from whose wage.......these questions can easily cause deep tension and resentment in a home.

One of the most effective ways to grind a household to a immovable stop is to continually disagree over whose responsibility is it to do what, often followed by the other person riding the 'chosen' person with criticism and endless advice.

Chickens are doing their thing at last. Eggs galore!

So, what is the answer? - Simple:

Q1. Who should be in control of the money? A. The one who is the best at it.
Q2. Who should go and earn money outside the home? A. The one who can easily earn the most.
Q3. Who should do the washing? A. The person who enjoys it the most
Q4. Who should stay home with the kids? A. Whoever is not at work at the time.
Q5. How should the household chores be divided up? A. Each does the chores they enjoy and the rest get divided equally.....and no further discussion.
Q6. Should the person who earns the money control the money? A. No....see  Q1.
Q7. What if Q1-Q6 are not done in exactly the way we would do them?  A. Tough.

Everyone should be playing to their strengths and dividing up what's left.

Just add fresh buns and fried chicken for a perfect self-serve lunch.

Don't over think it.

Take care and stay nice folks.



  1. I recently read a book about a strong controlling woman, and I saw alot of myself in there, so now I am allowing others to take the lead and trying not to be bothered when things are done differently. It's not easy, but I hope others will see a calmer side to me.

    1. Hi Marlene--care to share the title of that book? I'm a CONTROL FREAK when it comes to my vegetable garden--no one allowed in there but me! I NEED to "let go" in there.....

  2. Here in our home, I do all the cooking , cleaning, and laundry---because I like it done a certain way. Hubby does all the outdoor work--lawn mowing, fixing, repairing. He's retired and has a pension. I handle the money because he doesn't like to balance the accounts or pay bills. We both love the way it is and wouldn't change a thing.
    I do need to add that I cook breakfast and lunch-which is our BIG, hot meal. Supper is "scrounging".

  3. At our place, we play to our strengths and after that it's followed closely by who has time. I do pretty much all the cooking but hubby does the evening dishwasher stack and wash up of plastics. He takes care of the financial side of things and I take care of most of the shopping. Our son also has a few chores, age-appropriate, like setting the table and loading/hanging small loads of washing which helps too and sets him up to learn those important skills.

  4. Brilliant advice. We both do what needs to be done. We usually work together so it turns out fairly equal.


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