What's Goin' On?

Three very fresh eggs.  I love how the chooks do a full-volume cackle once
they have finished laying an egg.

Well.... today we have been mussing around with several bits and bobs.

We made two new self-watering vegetable boxes and planted eggplant in one and capsicum in the other.  We had a little trouble with the drain hole position, but two drain holes will just keep everyone guessing - ha!  I must admit to being ever so delighted at how well the vegetables are growing in these self watering boxes compared to planting directly in the ground. It is great to know that every drop of water they get and every drop of liquid fertiliser I apply actually reaches its intended target and does not drain away elsewhere.  I have not yet had to use any chemicals or sprays of any kind....warmer months no doubt will be different story.

Three transplanted capsicums

First little buds on the emperor beans

Two aubergine seedling transplanted - looking a bit sulky.

The hens (chooks) are becoming tamer and tamer and will now crowd around our daughters looking for treats.  It makes for interesting times trying to have a quiet cuppa outside.  One of the hens (Cluck Norris I think) loves to peck at the freckles on folks' ankles convinced that they are delicious morsels.

Blackie getting a cuddle

We gave away our first carton of eggs this week  (so many eggsies!).  It is a great feeling to share fresh organic produce and know that it is appreciated.  I made a couple of new laying boxes out of plastic buckets.  I simply cut a door into the lid of each white bucket, snapped the lids back on, half filled the buckets with sugar cane mulch, set them up in the chook house with a brick or two to stabilise them.  The chooks started laying in them almost immediately....a great success.  No more line ups for the other nest now.

Laying boxes made form buckets

Bucket nest in full use.
DD#4 stuck her hand in looking for eggs yesterday however
the nest was 'occupied' and thus she was swiftly pecked!

I am typing this outside in the shade and can see through the kitchen window that the pantry is being completely emptied out onto the kitchen bench and dining table.  Soon there will be vinegar and citrus cleaner being used on the shelves and everything will be organised and put back in....a place for everything and everything in its place.  The urge to nest must be in the air....spring is on the way.

Pantry contents all stacked up - let the cleaning and tidying begin.

This lot will be neat and tidy
in no time flat.

The cauliflowers are quickly growing and it will not be long before we start harvesting.  The leeks have been planted a little too close, so it is time to thin them out - we can use the thinnings in stir fry. The leaves of the beetroot have been wonderful in salads and I suspect we have sown these a little too close also....so mini baked beetroots from the thinnings will be 'delish' too. I spy the first little red flowers on the red emperor beans this morning and the pumpkins seedlings are nearly ready to transplant. Several packets of seeds are tapping their feet impatiently in the garden shed....so I best wander off and get them sown at some stage - or not.

I used my lovely compost as
potting mix today - it looks
fabulous....so we will see.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Take care and stay nice now!

Mr HM.


  1. Mr HM- I loved reading your post. You definitely live in a warmer climate than me. I have cabbage/cauli,onions/beet and other seedlings on the go . I loved the idea of the buckets for the laying nests for the hens. I got rid of all my hens when ds died in 2014 but it is on my list to get a couple again once day soon-- there is something peaceful about watching them and of course the eggs are just so delicious compared to the ones layed commercially.Off to begin the spring clean of my kitchen which I had already planned to do but you post gave me encouragement :-)

    1. Thank you happyathome. Hens are lovely yes. They are industrious, earn their keep and add a little life around the place.

  2. Wow you are doing well with your veggies, MrHM. We can still get frosts here so have to be careful with what we plant out at present although it has been very warm lately but that can change in an instant here. I am going to have about a dozen cabbages ready to pick at once and I have no idea what happened to my cauliflowers. I must have mixed up the seeds when planting them out. Oops!

    1. That is the beauty of veggie boxes, I can move them close to the house but still in the sun so they retained heat from the house radiates back out during the night and protects them from frost. It extends my growing season.

  3. Hi,
    I love the idea of the nesting buckets! We are currently making a secure area and will *hopefully* get some chooks soon. I am interested in making your weed fertilizer, do you have instructions somewhere? Enjoy your weekend. :D

    1. Weed fertiliser: 3/4 bucket of weeds (Comfrey is the ideal to use), fill up the bucket with water, put a brick in the bucket to keep the weeds under water, leave it brew for 3-4 weeks. After 4 weeks strain through cheesecloth or mesh, dilute with water and use as a fertiliser 'tea' for plants. This method extracts all the nutrients from the weeds and into the water. Warning: This fermented brew smells like death itself - no joke. Comfrey is the best known green 'weed' to use as it pulls up a perfect balance of minerals and nutrients from the soil and thus when released into the water is also a perfectly balanced liquid fertiliser.

    2. Fabulous, thanks so much!

  4. I found the weather perfect for gardening this weekend. I planted out some lettuce seedlings in July and I harvested the first few leaves over the weekend for salad sandwiches on home made bread. Your veggies are coming on nicely, it won't be long until you are harvesting madly. I have a capsicum that is producing fruit that doesn't grow to full size. I am going to do some research to see if I can find out what I am doing wrong.

    1. Capsicum respond well to a little potash liquid weekly.....might be worth a thought.

    2. Thank you. I will try this. I always forget to use potash, and my plants respond so well once someone reminds me to use it!

  5. There must be something in the air in regards to the cleaning and nesting, as I am feeling it too, but here in the U.S. we will soon head into fall. Congrats on the fresh eggs!


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