The Answers Are Within

The self-watering veggie gardens expanding
one box at a time.

Rapunzel, as it turns out, did not need a handsome prince to save her.  All she needed was her hair. Seriously, she could have figured that out all by herself without any help from princey-wincey-boy.

The same is true of us: our seemingly insurmountably problems or situations are all answerable from within. We are rarely rescued by others (supported and encouraged, yes - but rescued, no) and the answer to whatever is happening at the time slowly unveils itself from within.

The pantry being reorganised shelf by shelf

We are somehow wired (schooled? socialised?) to believe in the manifestation of rescuers and saviours requiring no input from ourselves - it is kind of romantic I guess.  The Lotto sings this song but to a different tune as does the lure of a $100K education bill (....think how much you will earn once you are a qualified 'Bazookiatrician' and you will be rescued from money drudgery! - Meh.) The saviour mentality appears in many forms and guises, mostly all invented by consumerism and money-grabbing institutions.

Someone has to do the weeding on the driveway!

Folks - the answers and solutions lie within us. Time to lean in and mine them out.  The physical outworking of these answers are in our homes, backyards, our ability to do simple math, personal inquisitiveness, refection, determination, networking and persistence. The answers to our spending habits (for instance) are often found in the very feelings we so often try to medicate and the unreleased creativity seething within us. Only looking within can honestly and effectively release these things.

The cauliflowers galloping along
real fast now.

The most precious and powerful things we possess are our core values - not the life rules that others enforce on us, but rather those deep beliefs we have about life, self and others.  If our core values are understood and used as a foundation for life, then we are of all people most content.  However if we are climbing someone else's mountain, then we are of all people most miserable...stuck in a stone tower with our unused core values coiled up uselessly on the floor in a lifeless plait while we peer wistfully out the window of life awaiting a rescuer.

The beautiful aroma of citrus blooms

We are going to explore the topic of core values soon at Mr Home Maker - so stay tuned.

Make a decision to have a beautiful Sunday evening folks.

Take care and stay nice.


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  1. This was such a good read Mr HM. Spending sprees, though they can cause an endorphin rush, don't nurture ones emotions for very long. Having more than enough can't make one feel they are enough.

  2. This is all so true. We need to stop buying to satisfy that perceived notion that the next purchase will be the one that makes us happy. Happiness truly does come from within.

  3. Our consumer world pulls us in, media tell us what we need and what we should become, but step back, look at yourself, think about what YOU want and forget the rest. Our world has loads of really selfless people who will help yourself, but really it's what you do for yourself which means the most, and it's not buying the latest and best of anything.

  4. Whenever I hear people say "when I win the lottery I'll be able to do....." I cringe slightly. Putting their life on hold, waiting for things to happen, putting blame on everything else except looking into themselves and developing some core values..... and gratitude. This post perfectly says it for me.

  5. Thumbs Up, Mr Homemaker, I love your posts!
    Diana in Illinois

  6. Looking forward to reading your next posts on core values Phil. Great topic for discussion.
    Blessings Gail.

    1. First core value post went up today gail :-)

  7. agreed, well written & said
    thanx for sharing


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