Holiday Pics # 3 (That's A Wrap Folks)

I have a weakness for pioneer buildings - especially the real-deal ones like this.

Here are the last of the holiday photos folks - enjoy.

I will return in the summer when this corridor of wisteria is in bloom


....and more

Mountain views

See the rainbow across the valley?

Sleet and fine hail despite the blue skies

The local CWA doing a roaring trade.

Beautiful cliffs and clouds

Snowdrops blooming everywhere

Citrus trees loaded with fruit everywhere

Jonquils  - love em.....but not the smell

Tthe back of the cottage taken from the terraced gardens

Daffodils in bloom everywhere.
(Do you love the 1990's sprinkler?)

The little dining nook in the cottage.

The front of the cottage

Big old trees everywhere in the mountains

That's it for holiday photos folks.  Back home tomorrow - yay!  (I do love home)

Take care and stay nice folks.



  1. I smiled at your last comment. I love to travel, but walking through the door at home is always the greatest feeling, isn't it?
    I never realized there was so much stunning scenery there. Thanks for sharing. Your trip was beautiful

    1. ...taps reds shoes together 3 times "There's no place like home...."

  2. Mr.HM I do hope you and your wife have had a wonderful break. Such a pretty area to visit.

  3. Lovely photos Mr. HM. The wisteria should look stunning when it is in bloom.

  4. Glad you had an invigorating and refreshing time away. A rejuvenating for the spirit.
    We too saw those heralds of colour with the lemons, daffodils, snowdrops and more.
    Just a few days ago we ventured up to those mountains too for a combined work and leisure day. Love the Blue Mountains and Katoomba. The air up there is so crisp ahhh.
    We can see mount Solitary from our back verandah on a day without heavy clouds- a view I never tire of. our home and it's situation. It takes the eye away from the near and now to beyond.


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