Green Tea - Moving From Hate to Love

GREEN tea first came to my attention in the late 1980's.  I hated it.  Compared to my good old British tea with milk and 2 sugars, it did not even seem to even resemble tea. Right through the 90's and Naughties my verdict remained unchange....I hated it.

Then in the last couple of years I conceded that green tea with honey an lemon juice seemed to be beneficial if I had a cold or a sore throat, but it was still in the taste realms of 'medicinal'. However, I have done more research on green tea in the last couple of years and can cognitively see why we all should be drinking many health benefits. Nevertheless I didn't as I still hated the taste.

Yesterday however, I was idly looking at my mint plant (I love mint) and a thought was hatched.  I came up with a green tea recipe that I just might like.  So I grabbed the ingredients and quickly brewed a cupful - BINGO!  A green tea recipe that I actually fact, I love it.

Since then I have found that this recipe and its endless derivatives is quite common all over the interwebs....I had just never seen the combination before.

Mr HM's Mint and Cinnamon Green Tea

1. Boil your water
2. Pick a little fresh mint and chop up finely (about 1/2 teaspoon chopped)
3. Grab a green tea bag (or green tea leaves for a better result)
4. Organise 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
5. Pop all the ingredients into a cup and fill up with boiled water.
6. Leave it to steep for five full minutes, stirring occassionally
7. If you have a sweet tooth then add 1/2 a teaspoon of honey (I do not need the honey personally)
8. Organise a chair in your favourite spot outdoors and slowly drink your tea - lovin' it.

Three ingredients;
Cinnamon, fresh mint and green tea.

Chop your mint

....pop it straight into the cup.

Add the hot water and green teabag.
Wait for 5 minutes.

So, there we go...the move from hate to love is all in the right recipe.

Oh, I am told this recipe is super for weight loss too - I might just go from 'rolly-polly' to 'thin-as-a-reed-in-the-river' too! (Fascinating but unlikely)  I am just satisfied that I now love green tea.

Have a contented Sunday folks.  Take care and stay nice.



  1. I don't like green tea either, Mr.HM but I know it is good for you. I bought a chocolate mint plant recently and that might disguise the green tea taste and make it more palatable.

  2. Thanks for the recipe Mr HM. I am not a tea drinker other than an occasional red zinger herbal tea. I will however give your recipe a try.

  3. I thought I was the only person on the planet who hated green tea!
    Truth be told I don't like any herbal tea.
    I want to like it.
    I've tried to like it.
    But I just can't like it!
    I might try green tea again your way...maybe...

    1. Ha! - let's be quite clear...I still hate plain green tea. This recipe is the exception.

  4. I'm not a green tea drinker, but I do love fennel tea, but I'm not able to drink it as it gives me tummy problems. At this time I am drinking Elderflower and blackberry tea, made by Taylors. It's lovely.

  5. I make green tea with mint all the time. I've never tried cinnamon in it though, I will have to try that. I recall the first time I had green tea and it was terrible, it definitely needs some extra flavors. I also like it with lemongrass.

  6. Hi Phil, if you're wanting the health benefits of green tea then go for matcha - it is the dried and powdered leaf which you dissolve into a drink, rather than a brief steeping, therefore more antioxidants!

  7. Well done you! I am in the hater camp too - but this might just do the trick. Thank you!

  8. This does sound nice - thank you! I have found that mint has its own sweetness factor.

  9. I have always thought that green tea tasted like grass clippings. Maybe I will try your recipe and change my mind.

  10. Dear Mr Homemaker,
    I am not a fan of green tea either! I am very partial to nettle or chamomile. I do however have lots of mint growing in the garden so will give this a try.

  11. I can see how the mint would freshen the often stale tasting flavour of green tea. It's like the liquid form of chewing old hay. Not my cup of tea either!

    I do think it makes great kombucha though, which I've done successfully before. I'm glad you've found a way to enjoy it and get the health benefits too.

  12. The secret to good green tea is the temperature of the water. If you have the water too hot it burns the tea and makes it taste terrible. A good quality green tea shouldn't be made at any higher than 80C whereas black tea should be 100C.
    Mint and cinnamon sounds awesome though.
    Love your blog - had to post anonymously cause don't seem to be able to post any other way. :o)

  13. glad you found a combination you like, i love green tea now & make 2 -3 pots everyday, the mistake i find most people make is they make it way too strong. this is because over the years (& generations) we have been putting too much tea in our pots. i do one level teaspoon or less in a 2 cup pot & i only go to a heaped teaspoon in a 6 cup pot. i often put a slice of lemon in my pot or peppermint (geranium) or other herbs, depending on what i fancy at the time. it is very pleasant if you don't make it to the 'recommended manufacturers amounts' your tea will last 3 times as long too :)) hope this helps
    a good cup of tea in your favourite corner is always very relaxing.
    thanx for sharing

  14. Green tea made with boiling water smells and tastes like fish! Boil the water, then leave to cool for about ten minutes; only then pour it on to the tea.

  15. Ha! I am sitting with my favourite cup of tea right now in front of me. One green teabag and one mint tea bag. I might try to add cinnamon, thanks for the tip.


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