Discovering Which Emotion Causes Debt

Home laid organic eggs from our hens - a true delight.

I read all over the interwebs ways to pay off  debt....5 steps, 7 steps, 1 easy way, 10 months to be debt-free....and so on and so forth.  I think many of these (as excellent as they are) are often too simplistic and do not deal with the real cause of the consumer debt.

The fundamental reason folk go into consumer debt is for emotional reasons.

I'm going to have to start giving
away SCOBY's. Too many!

One of the most powerful activities that we can do is to sit down with a pencil and the back of an envelope and scribble down what we were FEELING when we took out consumer debt. Scribble, scribble on the envelope...."Took out loan on red car because I thought I deserved a brand new car to match my new executive job.  I wanted to feel proud and that I had in some way succeeded".......scribble, scribble on the envelope...."Took out the platinum Visa card because all the execs at work talk about their credit cards and I am behind in bills so this will get us up to date on bills and with my new job I can pay this back in a month easily.  This new credit card made me feel successful and also got rid of the embarrassing fear of being behind in  my bills"....and so on and so forth. Go back over what you have scribble down and underline the 'feeling' or 'emotion' words and trigger phrases.

Pantry all tidy now - phew!

 Do this for each single consumer credit/loan - it gets the truth of the emotional feeling that initially drove each consumer debt purchase out of our subconscious and onto paper.  Once this activity is completed, you can throw the piece of paper away as the actual act of thinking it through and manifesting it in writing is enough to create emotional self-awareness about each will be clear in your mind now, so no need to keep the scribblings on the back of the envelope. You will not forget what you have written.

Next job - sorting out the plastics.
I hate plastics and am looking at
slowly replacing them with......... much nicer and it will last
a lifetime.

Now you can proceed with whatever debt reduction plan you choose. My favourite is the one I wrote about HERE which incorporates an old debt reduction method along with my own two extra inclusions of a starting leverage of $5 and MOST IMPORTANTLY the power of post-debt payment continuation which most debt reduction ideas never mention.

FRUGAL TIP: Use the sweet juice
from canned fruits as cordial.
Just add water - yummo.

We go into debt for emotional reasons and thus getting out of debt is not about battling the physical debt. Rather, it is about declaring war on the emotions that caused and perpetrated the debt in our lives.

The tomatoes flourishing in
their self watering box.

Take care folks - stay nice.


We have this tongue-in-cheek plaque up in our kitchen


  1. Yes, "retail therapy" is a phrase that has caught on well, as has "comfort food". There is certainly a lot of emotion behind spending, and eating these days. When shopping becomes an activity we do "for fun" rather then actually finding something to do for entertainment it can be problematic.


  2. Dull women have immaculate houses...I love it!

  3. Good post, great reasoning, makes me think about things, we are lucky no debt here, but in our younger years, keeping up was a huge reason behind loads of purchases, none of them would mean anything now.

    1. We do do foolish things when we're young, don't we? I'm so glad that's no longer a problem!! Creaky bones, yes. Stuff to impress-no!

  4. You are right it is an emotional issue for sure.

  5. Enjoyed your post.
    For me my shopping can be impulsive and out of boredom. However I do keep myself in check and watch how much I am spending now. I have never been a huge shopper but I have had my days where I get home with an item and take a better look at it. It then goes back to the store if at all possible.

  6. I'm worried that you have a serious plastic box problem!!

    Thank heavens we never felt the need to keep up with anyone and have always done things our way

    1. Be worried - very worried....that is only about 1/3 of it! I hate the stuff. Every time I open the plastics cupboard, it all runs out to greet me.

  7. I have just the other day split a scoby and given away to 2 lovely new homes. Its so nice to be able to gift someone a healthy living organism that is going to benefit their own health!My plastics mess looks like yours, so many little kiddie containers, I need to figure out a way to contain them from attacking me everytime I open the doors!


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