Saturday Evening Yak

Cauliflower beginning to set.

Hi folks - time to settle down for a bit of a yak and gossip from around the traps.

Well, the cauliflowers are beginning to set, we have flowers about to bloom on the early tomato bushes, the pullets are quickly turning into hens (four eggs a day now) and the Kent pumpkins seeds have sprouted.  These are all signs that spring is on the horizon for sure.

Here in Australia our winters are rarely snowy (except for certain small sections of the continent) but just cold and wet in the south and cold and dry in the east and west (generalisations I know).  There is that ever-present lazy breeze - lazy, because it does not bother blowing around you....instead it just blows straight through you.

Dried pumpkins seeds ready to plant a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of weeks in the sun in
 moist soil - Kent pumpkins seeds
have sprouted.

Today was a perfect Aussie winter's day .....minus 1 at sunrise and topping at 13 degrees C at 2pm. Sunny and cloudless all day and only the faintest of breezes. Today we brought Mother-in-law home from hospital after a nasty fall a few days ago - thankfully no broken bones.  Old age is not a crime, but goodness me, it certainly is no joke. She gave me a list of items to fetch from the shops and upon my return I was quite 'chuffed'  as she quietly checked  the docket and said "My, my! You certainly are a great shopper"....2 or 3 years ago that would never have been the case.

Hens on the roam....

I scored a beautiful wool-rich coat recently for 50% off - it will last me a lifetime as it is so nicely constructed. In other news, the Kombucha continues to be brewed weekly, yoghurt continues to be batched up weekly and as the hens increase their daily egg production we find ourselves thinking about new ways to commit to cooking so many eggs. I love the humble egg - such a neat form of daily protein.

I have been doing a bit of self-examination and have come to the conclusion that I am very future-driven.  Whilst this is great for forward planning and getting things done, it is not very good for stopping and celebrating wins, enjoying the moment, nurturing contentment or going slow....I guess self-awareness is the first step in addressing this character flaw. Time for me to start just being in the moment more fully.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend folks.  Take care and stay nice now, won't you all?



  1. A lot going on there--sounds deeply satisfying--IF you remember to savor it along the way. I still struggle to slow myself down, but I'm getting better at it. The best place to start is in the garden--so much to "see" when you really take the time.

  2. Your cauliflowers are a bit further along than ours are, Mr.HM. I know I was a bit tardy with planting them out. Our chooks are still laying well. I thought they went off the lay in winter. Not that I know too much about their habits :-)

  3. Cauliflower is looking great. Don't forget to peg the leaves together to make a cover for the cauliflower, keeps it white and stops it from getting sunburnt...even in winter.

    1. Oh - OK, I've never done that before, so will give it a go. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I am also very future-focused and can't enjoy the present!
    Dear Husband shared this video with me to pique my interest in mindfulness meditation:
    I know we're not to worry, but to be at peace and only care about today. I wish it were possible to 'switch off' the part of my brain that obsesses about planning for the future. I'm thinking it will take a lot of practice.

  5. Snap! I am also future orientated. But I am becoming better and better at enjoying and delighting in the present. And like Sue I find the best place to fully experience the present moment is in the garden. I still need to improve in the celebrating department though. Perhaps I could celebrate being future driven :-) Your perfect Aussie winter day makes me want to reach for a jumper. We had 11 to 25 degrees today. Best wishes to your mother-in-law for a speedy recovery.

  6. Mr. HM, Your blogging is in the "present"!!! All the best, ldc

  7. I have returned to full time work two months ago and I so miss being at home. I'm still cooking from scratch but I don't have a lot of time to preserve much and my vegetable garden is a fraction of what it was. I know it is only for a couple of years and then I will retire. I enjoy your blogs and read them at night after dinner before I go to bed. What does 'stay nice' mean? Julee

    1. "Stay nice" is just a fun way of saying to everyone to keep being nice people out there in a not-very-nice world :-)


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