Habits Stronger Than Death

A new  self-watering planter box of early
tomatoes. You can actually see the water
reservoir overflowing.

HABITS can be stronger than the fear of death.  Most folk when faced with a medical ultimatum to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating rubbish, start exercising....etc will immediately verbally vow to do so but will often quickly revert to previous bad habits. Medical journals show a staggering relapse of bad habits resulting in death despite clear medical warning.  Habits can therefore be stronger than the fear of death.

I used seedling punnets as wicks
as I was clean out of old plastic

Depressing?  No.

Shift the paradigm.  If habits can be this powerful (so powerful that they ignore the pain of death) then habits that are life-giving, regenerative and vital surely have the power to reverse one's life direction and outcome. Think that through.

Liquid fertilizer made from weeds covered in water.
 This will brew for a few weeks

Bad habits cannot be often broken or stopped effectively through sheer will-power or elimination - in fact this approach often will make them worse. The most effective way to deal with a bad habit is to ignite a new and powerful passion which so thoroughly captures our heart, soul and mind that its transformative power eclipses previous habits without a second thought.

A winter garden

Ignite a new and powerful passion for thrift and frugality.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for producing food.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for creating and making.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for smart and innovative homemaking. Ignite a new and powerful passion for kindness.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for healing. Ignite a new and powerful passion to be content.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for real food.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for passing on skills generationally.  Ignite a new and powerful passion for self reliance.

I planted Kent pumpkin seeds today using an old egg carton
as a seedling raiser.

Ignite a new and powerful passion and create a habit.....a new habit that gives a long life, a meaningful life, a changed life.  Share the habit, teach the habit, change others' lives.  Just as bad habits become addictions that create death, so good habits become the manifestations of incredible power which taps into the secrets of eternity and creates abundant life, transforms the curses of mortality and resurrects new powerful folk from the ashes of their pasts.

Save those soap ends to covert into laundry liquid  or
liquid hand soap.

Take care folks - stay nice



  1. Brilliant post Phil!

    You are great with words, and great at keeping people inspired.

    God Bless,


  2. You must have a few wicking boxes on the go now, Mr HM. I have three eskys waiting to have holes drilled in them.

    1. Yes, we try and do a new one every weekend. It it really starting to add up and it also spreads the cost (if any) and the effort.

  3. I agree with Tania. Very inspirational and I find much encouragement from reading your blog. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Sherri. All us bloggers feed off each other I think - each brings a different dimension that gives us all hope


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