Saturday Thoughts

A simple nourishing meal.
Delightful and meaningful.

We complicate life in so many ways.

 Life is quite simply really and yet we invent endless boundaries, idealistic story lines, irrelevant goals, fanciful expectations and 'truths' that we expect others to live by and indeed succeed at ourselves....and when it all gets too hard, we pretend. This pretending often involves us buying things to create the illusion of having succeeded in some way.....even if we have to buy the money from the bank.

Many folks' lives are simply a sum of their pretending and the debt they have racked up in an attempt to turn the pretense into something tangible.

A beautiful piece of tranquil coast.  The ceaseless waves
caressing the sand.

An important part of a meaningful life is to understand and relish the simplicity of life. Meaning and simplicity is not found at the top of the wealth pile, it is not found with the prettiest face, the fastest car, the biggest muscles, the smartest comment, the most convincing oration or the bravest stance. A meaningful life is often captured simply in scenarios involving the people we gather around us, the food we enjoy together, the shared experiences we notch up and quiet moments of clarity that come to us in unremarkable places. Life can be the most meaningful when we know we are loved and needed.  Life is clear and simple when we see a sunset or watch a cormorant dive into the sea for it's dinner.  Contentment can well up when we see the look of love in a child's eyes or feel someone's hand quietly slip into ours. A real sense of purpose is often at its most clearest when times are tough and we have to devise a survival plan and make it work.

Miles and miles of deserted beach quietly just 'being'.

Step away from trying to buy happiness, purchase meaning and putting success on a credit card. It just so happens that all the important things in life are totally intangible and invisible -  from the air we breath, the thoughts we think, the love we crave, to the respect or significance we yearn for.

The colours of a winter sunset will quiet the mind real fast.

Just thinking, just sayin'

Take care folks - stay nice.



  1. We removed ourselves from the commercial merry-go-round a few years ago, now Saturday is not for shopping, buying things we don't need, but the media tell us we want. So we do not have to work so hard to earn money for stuff, just to throw it away when it is no longer used. Last Saturday night was a real moment for us, we stood in a field with 1000 preparing for a moonlit walk of 6 miles, raising much needed funds for a local hospice, that's happiness!

    1. Marlene - it sounds like you have got it well and truly sorted. Excellent

  2. Hello, heart felt, and so true. Sadly some people never learn this truth, until an emotional or financial crunch turns their life upside down.

    1. I would say a goodly majority of folk remain oblivious or unwilling to accept this view - yes.

  3. I think we are seeing some fearful expectations bandied about by politicians following the Brexit vote. What will be the next drama they can use to keep us from aligning with our own truths?

    1. Our core values should be clear - they will stand us in good stead what ever the situation - I agree Sherri.


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