Monday Musings and Frugal Tips

The girls having another 'meeting'

IT'S a long weekend in Australia and I have today (Monday) off.  Rather nice really.

I have been busy all weekend with one thing or another - setting up nesting boxes for the chooks to start laying in (start laying already OK girls!), sorting out the laundry room, entertaining guests, turning over the compost heap which is rotting down nicely, researching how to make my own potting mix, blogging a little, revamping the budget a bit, cooking from scratch, ensuring the sunny days were graced with my line-dried washing, reading, cups of tea......perfectly delicious LWE. I have managed to avoid going out for three full days -  just stayed put at home.  I do love being at home.

Little bun' makes the best composting material.
I have been thinking about some of the weird and wonderful little things I do around the place and thought I would just jot a couple down here for everyone's enjoyment  and frugal experimentation:


  •  A couple of drops of eucalyptus oil onto a tissue, then sucked up into your vacuum cleaner will keep the house smelling great whilst vacuuming
  •  A fresh teabag in the dish washing water will ensure glass wear comes out sparkling
  •  Only put the exact amount of water you need to boil into the kettle - saves power.
  •  Soak clothes in plain water over night - it works just as well as expensive soaker
  •  If you really must use your clothes dryer, pop an old dry towel in with the load to decrease the drying time.
  •  When serving a meal, put out your lunch containers for the next day and serve them up at the same time - it's amazing how a cooked meal will seem to stretch and this takes care of tomorrow's lunch for no extra cost.
  •  Cook double batches of meals.  Eat half immediately and freeze the other half for another time. Do this a couple of times a week to slowly create a stockpile of frozen meals.
  •  Keep your credit and debit cards at home - if you do not have them on you, you simply cannot use them.
  •  Keep butter wrappers.  They make excellent baking paper.
  •  Throw weeds and/or lawn clippings in a container of water and let it 'brew' for 2-3 weeks (yep, it will stink).  Dilute and use as garden fertiliser. 100% free.

The solar panels and the back tank.
Free power and free water.

Hope this gets some frugal thoughts generating!

Take care and stay nice folks


Catching the winter sun outside our bedroom window.
Self watering veggie boxes are dead easy to care for.


  1. Mr.HM, I can tell you have thoroughly enjoyed your long weekend. Our Queen's birthday long weekend is now in October in order to spread out the long weekends as most of them are at the beginning of the year. Something to look forward to for those in the paid work force.

    1. Yes, there is a bit of a gap now in NSW till October with PHOL's

  2. Well I am glad you enjoyed your long weekend. As Nanna Chel pointed out we don't have our holiday until October so I enjoyed a very busy day at work today. I made a triple batch of spaghetti meat sauce on the weekend in the slow cooker. We will have some with spaghetti, some with lasagna and the last batch will be made into sheperds pie. Double or triple cooking makes life so much easier when you are trying to cook from scratch.

    1. This method keeps us sane too - otherwise we would be living in the kitchen!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I especially like the eucalyptus oil for the vacuum cleaner. I will give that a try today.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

    1. You can use any essential oil on a tissue - depends on what scent you prefer Kylie

  4. I just have to let you know that I've been reading your blog post and am enjoying it:) The frugal tips are very helpful and a good encouragement to us all. Thank you for sharing what you know:) Wishing you even more blessed home time this week!

    1. Thanks Annie - there will be plenty more to come too.

  5. Thanks for the towel in the dryer tip Mr HM. I rarely use the dryer, but with a heap of camping washing to do, some linen to freshen up for visitors coming in a few days... and a big East Coast Low about to happen, I think this tip might come in very useful!


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