Get Your Laundry Whites White

Whites flapping cheerily in the sunshine

WHEN your laundry whites start to take on a slightly grey tinge, the following easy DIY recipe will get them back to a beautiful white again.

Schools that deem white socks and shirts to be sensible wear for children used to drive me nuts as getting these items white was always expensive and time consuming until I experimented and started using this simple frugal recipe.

Consumerism just loves the laundry whitening regime and sells so many products especially pitched at promising to turn your whites into a blinding Disney version of white linen complete with that self-emitting blinding spray of ice-blue sparkles as it moves in the ever-present romantic breeze  - whatever!

White as white can be - all for just  pennies.

This recipe is simple, cheap and super effective.

DIY Laundry Whitening Recipe

This should only be used on garments and items that are whites only - any coloured piping or motifs will not always do so well over time, so ensure your laundry load is just whites only.

1/3 cup of cheap dish-washing liquid
1/3 cup Borax
1/3 cup of bleach (liquid or powder ...the cheap stuff is perfectly fine)
Normal amount of your normal laundry detergent

Set your washer to the longest and hottest setting it can do and add all the ingredients in with the clothes.  I just use a plastic cup and pop all the ingredients in together, then straight in with the clothes (cup and all). Set your machine, press start, go have a cuppa, hang it on the line and be impressed.

Hang your whites on the line to dry in the sun.  The sun has its own natural sanitising and bleaching properties...and there is nothing quite like the smell of sun-dried laundry.

Frugal, thrifty and utterly effective.

I would only use this recipe once a month (or less) on our whites.  The rest of the time I simply use home made laundry liquid.

Our strawberry plant has finished fruiting and now has four
new plants from runners.

Take care folks - stay nice


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to winter


  1. Mixing bleach with other chemicals can Be dangerous!

    1. Hi Lia
      Mixing bleach with ammonia generates toxic chloramine vapor. Thus this recipe is perfectly safe as none of the other ingredients contain ammonia. Thanks for the reminder. Mr HM

  2. Your whites look really white, Mr HM. I try not to buy too many white clothes etc. White and our our red dirt don't mix :-)

    1. Red soil - hmmm. Good move not having whites Nanna Chel. However, I do like to have nice white table clothes for entertaining - I'm a bit silly like that.

  3. Thanks for this, we try not to have too much white also as hubby is a greasy mechanic, everything he touches gets grotty! But there are a few items around that could use this :-)
    -Kelly B

    1. Hi Kelly - the less regular use of white the better. I suppose you know that eucalyptus oil is a fabulous grease remover.


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