DIY Simple Easy Soap Making

The white soap in the middle is this recipe

ONE of our readers Ann emailed me recently and asked:  I used your recipe for simple soap ......It turned out great but I didn’t copy the recipe.  I can’t remember the exact amounts of ingredients to use. Could you please post it on this blog. Thanks Ann

Of course Ann! - Here it is.

This recipe is a great one to start with if you have not made soap before as there is no oil blending required, no thermometers required, no special molds or perfumes required either. The ingredients are not expensive which is important for a first time soap maker and vegetable oil is very forgiving.

Slicing the block of soap up into bars

DIY Simple Easy Soap Making

Safety Note: Wear eye protection, mask and gloves, keep children and pets well away, perform in close proximity to running water in case of spills, keep a window wide open for ventilation.

1.25 litres of cheap blended vegetable oil (no name is perfect)
173 grams of caustic soda
450 mils of water

METHOD (please follow the method exactly in this order)

1. Place water into a very large plastic mixing bowl
2. Pour caustic soda very slowly into the water whilst stirring continually with a wooden or plastic spoon until dissolved
3. Add in vegetable oil slowly, stirring all the while with a wooden or plastic spoon
4. Mix with stick blender till a firm trace has occurred - must look like thick custard.
5. Place into large plastic flat-bottomed container - cover with an old towel.
6. Leave totally undisturbed for 24 - 48 hours

7. Remove from plastic container (twist the container slightly - turn upside down to pop out).
8. Cut into bars with the sharpest knife you have
9. Put bars away on a cooling rack in an airy place to cure for 6 weeks

I also use this recipe for my personal shaving soap.
It froths up perfectly.

This recipe will make about 12 bars of simple, frugal and lovely-to-use soap. 

Wendy over at My Abundant Life has had a shot at this recipe and you can see her extra notes on it HERE

Use any type of plastic container as a mold really.

If you have never made soap before, I dare you to give this a shot - it is easy as falling off a log.

If you are successful with this recipe, then you can progress to what I think is the most perfect plain soap recipe by Rhonda Hetzel HERE

Take care folks and stay nice.



  1. Soap making can't get much simpler than that recipe, thanks. I also appreciate the safety note.

    1. I is a great recipe to start with - so nice to use and so easy to accomplish

  2. It certainly is an easy recipe, Mr.HM. I haven't made it myself though as I usually use Rhonda's recipe much of the time.

    1. You are a seasoned 'soaper' Nanna Chel so no need for you to try this - but it may encourage others to start making soap.

  3. Yes this recipe is great for first timers.

    Phil, could you please post your version of Rhonda's recipe some time in the future. It makes a wonderful soap and your version is much simpler. We use it all the time and my husband says it cleans better than any shower gel. It makes great presents too.

    1. Yes Wendy - I will certainly do my version of Rhonda's recipe soon too. I may even get brave and do a video!

    2. My version of Rhonda's recipe ingredients but using my method posted today Wendy. Enjoy.


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