Divide and Conquer AKA Dilute and Save

Two empty pump bottles, a bowl, whisk, spatula, funnel, towel and then shampoo
 and conditioner to dilute - let's do it.

Diluting products is now an unheard of household discipline.  Once upon a time, things were bought as concentrate to either dilute or to only use a tiny amount of, but now the concentrated versions of products get slathered around with wild abandon with ne'ery a second thought....that is coins down the proverbial gurgler in my book.

So many products are so concentrated that you can easily dilute them.  You will have to play around and see what percentage of dilution works for you, but here is a list of things that can be diluted.

Conditioner mixed with 50% water and still a thick mix

Dilute with water:
  •   Laundry liquid
  •   Liquid hand soap
  •   Dish-washing liquid
  •   Fabric softener
  •   Shampoo
  •   Conditioner
  •   Fruit juice (always way too strong)
  •   Disinfectant

C'mon - pour!

Some other types of 'dilution':
  •   Dilute butter with olive oil - whisk together for your own 'diary' spread  
  •   Dilute potting mix with your own compost
  •   Dilute apples with choko in apple pie
  •   Dilute liquid fertilisers to 1/2 the strength recommended  
  •   Shoe polish with paraffin oil
  •   Cordial with the syrup from canned fruit
  •   Cream and flour to scrambled eggs to 'stretch' the eggs.
  •   A teaspoon of stock powder to a cup of boiling water to double the 'cup-o-soup'
  •   Grated vegetables will stretch mince meat to nearly double.
  •   Very lightly whip pouring cream. This adds 1/3 the volume and is still pourable

Aha!  there it goes - glug, glug.
Use the spatula to get every last drop.

Adding a little water to the following to refresh or extend them:
  •   When the Vegemite gets hard and un-spreadable, add a little hot water and mix thoroughly
  •   To jars of mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce (or any sauce), honey etc to get the last bits out of the bottle,
  •    A couple of drops of water into the empty toothpaste tube will produce another couple of 'goes' at it (massage it in with the lid on)
  •   Whipped egg whites can be extended with a couple of tablespoons of water usually

The family like the pump bottles.
They also tend to use less too.

I know that I have merged the concepts of dilution with the stretching of products using other ingredients, but I reckon you get the general idea.

Have fun with this one and experiment - you might be surprised just how much products can be diluted and still be totally effective.  Be wise however - you do not want the family complaining that things are watery, weak or bland.  If this happens, then it is an indication that you have been a little too liberal with the ol' H2O !

....and the pasta sauce was simmering while I did all that.
Dinner's ready!

Take care folks - stay nice now!



  1. Great post as always. Some of the peeps in my house go "no poo" so that saves us in shampoo and conditioner but I still buy it for the other members of the fam, so I will have a go at diluting. Another thing I like to dilute is full cream milk. After drinking about 1/4 of the carton I top it up with water.

    1. Same here - in that I do not use the stuff - I use m homemade soap in my hair....but the rest of the family likes their shampoo and conditioner

  2. I've never thought of diluting conditioner before. It's something I use a lot of so may try this idea. Thanks for these tips. The pasta sauce looks delicious. Great blog. I'm looking forward to reading more. X

    1. Jules - just add a bit of water at a time to conditioner. The brands we use can nearly take 50% dilution with out it going runny

  3. Great post! I have found that diluting peanut butter by throwing it in the mixer with a drizzle of olive oil will make it smooth and spreadable again if it is too hard.

    1. That reminds me of the time I bought el-cheapo peanut butter - it was awful. So I popped in a teaspoon of salt 2 teaspoons of sugar a little olive oil and whipped it - it got eaten.

  4. I stopped reading part way through to go and dilute some things. Great idea. I have just begun adding beans to recipes as an extender. My husband hasn't noticed as yet.

    1. Ha ha Sherri - and yes beans are a ripper idea. Mashed re-fried beans totally take the place of meat some days in our house

  5. Don't tell the menfolk but I dilute their full cream milk too. LOL! They would never guess. Shhh!

    1. I've been caught out before and the family were shocked! lol

  6. Shower gel and foaming hand wash dilute really well too. Or you could use a little shower gel in the foaming hand wash dispenser with water and no one will know.

    I dilute Windex by 50 / 50 to use on my kitchen window. Yes I could just use water and a microfibre cloth but sometimes I need something a little stronger that doesn't leave streaks.

    1. Thanks for the extra diluting tips Wendy - I will give the shower gel in the hand wash dispenser one a whirl for sure.

  7. I tried diluting the liquid hand wash once, as the kids tend to use a full squeeze of the pump every time they wash their hands, which is totally unnecessary, I only push it a third of the way down, and it is plenty. But as it was thinner, I found even with practice and time to get used to it, hand wash ended up spattered everywhere, they couldn't control the spray out effect of a more liquid solution...so I went back to old fashioned bar soap!

    1. Cheryl, try a foaming hand wash dispenser. You can use diluted shower gel and it costs about 30 cents a refill. No mess too.

    2. Thank you Wendy, I will look out for that...on sale of course.


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