Thursday, 28 September 2017

A Quick Picture Post

Our first proper dinner at the new house.  The flowers in the background
are for Mrs HM's 50th birthday on Tuesday just gone.

Hi Folks

I'll just let the pictures do the talking this time.....enjoy.

The view off the back verandah down to the gully.
The jasmine on the arbor smells beautiful of an evening.

Chocolate cake baked from scratch hot out of the oven.
Smell it?

The cream was unnecessary .... but decedent.

Our block is terraced and steep - you can see the top of
bunny's hutch on the next level down.  There is a running creek
and gully separating us and the next door neighbour's place

Par-boiled potatoes slowly browning up in lamb fat - yummo

The chiminea and the lamp of an evening

Help yourself folks browned 'taties, carrots/corn/beans
baked pumpkin and baked sweet potatoes....there is little
twin candle burners under each white dish keeping it all hot.

Mixed pulled roast (steaming hot) ... two gravies and mint sauce

This folks, is what life is all about. It just does not get
better than this. (The Amish Kero' lamps survived the move)

Take care folks and stay nice won't you?!


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I Walked Home From Work

Outside eating area under the Norfolk Island pine tree

Hi dear folk

Well we are all moved into our new house now (leased) and Monday was my first day back at work.  Mrs HM dropped me off at work - a three minute drive from our place - and in the afternoon I walked home. It was a lovely relaxing 25 min stroll and I loved it.  What a revelation living in a house so close to my office. Mr Money Mustache would be proud of me (I'm sure) ..... click HERE to read his thoughts on commuting. So, I will be polishing up the second car for sale and we will be once again back to being a one car family. To add to the charm there is a bus stop right outside our door which the girls use to get to university and college - I can use it to on rainy days as this bus also stops right outside my work too.

Shade gardening - I'm going to have to learn some new skills

Our new place has a creek running at the bottom of the garden and is very shady.  I will have to educate myself on gardening for shade. The current plantings are very subtropical and ornamental although there is a lovely back verandah that gets good sun most of the day as it faces north (we are southern hemisphere). I feel a long line of self-watering veggie boxes coming on. There is a lovely shady paved area up the top of the garden to put our outdoor setting on. It is set under a big Norfolk Island pine tree which will look splendid when we have all our lights draped through the branches.....all ready for big family nosh-ups.

Crispy skin salmon and salad

We are only a 10 min drive from an elderly relative now. We took her a home baked meal last night which she immediately ate with gusto. It got me to thinking about old folk with low mobility and how they often could not be bothered feeding themselves properly because it is just to difficult too get around and make the effort. We'll be keeping a quiet eye on that situation from now on. Old age is not a sin but it sure is no joke either. It is good to be living so much closer so we can be of practical use.

A little magpie awaiting some tid-bits

There are friendly Magpies who fly down and sit on the front porch railing. I fed them some little bits of scrap meat and they loved it.  The HM daughters have reported that they have come back every day now and have warbled their song on the porch until they are fed  - how sweet. Sure beats being swooped!  There are also water dragons living down in the creek which come up  to 'visit' regularly. I have not been able to get a good picture yet as they move so quickly. They look friendly but I'm no so sure.....time will tell. They easily jump off a two story roof line and onto the grass and run off - super agile. We can hear them running across the roof of an afternoon during twilight.

Dudley beach - just 7 minutes away

We also live just seven minutes from the beach.  The HM daughters have already frequented the beach a few times this week as the weather here has been fairly summery. Mrs HM wants to do evening walks on the beach during summer - I won't be saying no.

A mixed roast in the oven smelling fabulous!

Anyway - lots more to tell but this will do for starters.....

Take care folks and stay nice.

Mr HM (Phil)

Dinner prep.....

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Coming Up For Air

Hi folks  (waves a hand weakly from inside a huge pile of boxes  - ha ha)

We are right in the middle of moving house (yes, we did it!). Hence the long silence.

I'll be back soon to tell you all about it.....and there is so much to tell viz water dragons, walking to work, being close by an elderly relative now, breakfast on the beach, the creek out the back, shade gardening, cellars etc etc

Must rush - off to set up Ms HM #5's cupboard and tall-boy in her new room (such fun!)

Hope you all are well - take care and stay nice.

Mr HM  (Phil)

Friday, 8 September 2017

Friday Evening Gossip

How's your week been folks?

We've had a busy one and a very busy weekend ahead.  This evening when we got home the HM daughters has already cooked dinner from scratch, had the lamps alight and we ate this delicious meal out in the balmy spring air on the deck - just delightful.

Walked in and sat straight down to this delish meal tonight.

We are off to Walgett NSW at 3:00am in the morning - a road trip of about 7 hours and should arrive at around 10:00am.  The eldest HM daughter is doing her nursing placement out there and we are going up to visit her to see how she is going and to give her some familiar company. It is a small country town on the edge of the outback of Australia..

A rushed chicken curry and rice from scratch

We have decided to move house like we discussed a while back as the pro's truly do outweigh the con's. We have 2 weeks left in this house and still have not found a place to move to yet - but we have an interim plan so we'll be fine. We will save a motza in fuel and will be close to  Mrs HM's aged mother. I might even end up close enough to cycle to work (fingers crossed). This also means we will be certainly going down to one car which is a massive budgetary are just one huge black hole of money-sucking horror.

Cooked with love from scratch

HM daughter #2 was offered ongoing work at the school she has been doing her final placement at. They have been impressed with her skills and offered her the job.  This is a significant win for her....I am just a little bit proud of her, just sayin'! Of course, after my congratulations the next thing I said was her was "Stash away 20% won't you" ..."Yes Pappi, I will" came her smiling reply.

HM daughter #4 has moved her blog across to WordPress and has been extolling its virtues. I wonder if I should too ?? Have any of you done it and can comment on the comparison with authority? Her blog certainly looks much nicer in WordPress.

Fires on the west side of the lake at twilight

There has been lots of bush fires happening around our general Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area lately. The sunsets have been overly dramatically as a result of so much smoke in the air. Either it will be all well burned off before summer, or, it bodes for a long dry summer ahead. We will see.

Well, I am off to pack a small travel bag and get some sleep ready for the big trip tomorrow.

Take care and stay nice folks

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