Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Big Change Emerging

A work morning tea cooked with love from scratch.

Hi folks

Gosh! Over the last 3 months I have experienced the real beginnings of a huge paradigm shift. This has happened a little accidentally and yet somehow it seems to be the right time (when you are ready the teacher appears - maybe??).

Lovely Lehman's lanterns from USA

As you all probably know, my wife is of Jewish 'extraction' and because of this I have always been mildly curious about all things Jewish (mainly the food!).  However, recently I have started to do some serious research of Jewish methods of personal money management and how that all intertwines with life, faith and belief systems. In short, I have been blown away with what I have discovered.....and I am only beginning to scratch the surface.

Some of my china from yesteryear.

As a result, the direction and topics of this blog will begin to mature to reflect those learnings as I put them into action.  I am still immersed up to my eyeballs in study on this topic and probably will be for a lifetime truth be told. The real part is the doing thereof and the changes to both internal and external habits and thought processes.

Home made pumpkin soup with sour cream

Mostly everything I have written on this blog and in other places still stands true, however the belief system and the logic behind it all is now maturing rapidly. I am having light-globe moments now on a daily basis and here's me thinking this old dog was past learning new things! New habits are forming daily, my world-view has discovered several new colours and at least a couple of brand new dimensions due to my studies.  I do not think I have felt so hopeful and empowered ever before in my life. It's big. Real big. I feel the third age of my life dawning powerfully.

Lots to talk about - be back soon.

Take care and stay nice folks.

Mr HM (Phil)

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Six Weeks of Being Busy

Minestrone soup and hot cheese scones from scratch for dinner tonight.

Hi folks

Well it has been an eventful month-and-a-half mainly due to settling an elderly relative back into her home after she had a fall in her bathroom breaking her hip. The last four days in particular have been nothing short of frenetic.

We have visited the hospital every day for six weeks and of an evening have been back to her house cleaning, sorting, scrubbing, washing curtains and linen, scrubbing carpet, painting the walls and ceilings, sorting the kitchen, stockpile and linen press, paying incoming bills and accounts as well as running our normal life.

We washed some of our vintage china tonight

Now that she is home (last Wednesday morning) we have had to very quickly organise care alert systems (in case of another fall) and attend to all the last-minute safety recommendations listed by the OHS team from the hospital as well as lining up doctor and specialist's appointments post-confinement. We also had to restock the pantry, reconnect the phone, fix the NBN and organise all the accounts and ensure that she is truly safe and can function with much lower mobility levels. I have also had to hurriedly dismantle the shower screen for easier access too. We have had to purchase and install several mobility aids too.  It can take six to twelve months to bounce back from a hip fracture we are told.

My Associate Director at work kindly allowed me half the week off on unplanned leave to get this sorted - for this I am very grateful.

Baked cauliflower cheese

Old age is not a crime, but it sure is no joke.

So today was our very first day at home all day in nearly seven weeks - pure luxury! We're tired - real tired....but happy that all the ducks are lined up (at least for now).

So if you have been wondering why things have been a bit quiet around these parts - that's why!

Take care folks and stay nice.


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