Vintage Safety Razor Shaving

Double Edge Safety Razor on its stand.
Home-made shaving lather ready for action.

Hi folks – here is one for the men J

The vintage double edge (DE) safety razor is having a comeback.....and about time.
The cost benefits as well as superior shaving results are well worth the switch.

DE safety razor and stand will last any
man a lifetime.

I went out and bought one (as the vintage ones online are now so expensive and my dad still uses his, so I could not snaffle that one!) for $30 which included two packs of razors and a razor stand.

The mechanism opens by winding the handle.

The frugal benefits are manifold:
·                      Once-of purchase will last a lifetime
·                      Cost of blades is a fraction of the cost of replacement plastic cartridge razor heads
·                      Minimal waste and plastic landfill
·                      The ladies of the house will not be as tempted to 'steal' this for their needs (maybe!)
·                      Suits the use of homemade shaving soap beautifully
·                      Compare DE razors for $8.00 to a packet of Mach 3 Cartridges for over $20.00

Other benefits of safety razor set up compared to modern cartridge shavers.
·                      Looks a million times classier than a plastic razor set up
·                      Gives a superior shave with just a single blade
·                      A unique shaving experience
·                      Uniquely manly
·                      Requires zero pressure against skin (uses the weight of the shaver only)
·                      Uniquely gentle on sensitive skin.
·                      Significantly wider blade than modern plastic cartridge shavers

New blades wrapped in paper.

Why are they called safety razors?  Well compared to the cut-throat single blade razors used previously which had a propensity to shred men's faces in inexperienced hands, the safety of DE razors were a quantum leap forward for those men shaving at home instead of the daily visit to the barber.

New blade placed inside opened razor mechanism

Men, do yourself a favour, either resurrect your fathers' or grandfathers' DE safety razor or buy one online or at your local shaver shop - you will not be sorry.....and you will save a packet of money  too.

A badgers bristle brush will
last a lifetime.

ENJOY! Take care. Stay nice.



  1. I remember growing up with one of these in the family bathroom. Poor dad had to share it with us three girls.! :)

  2. Hi Mr HM,
    I have actually been looking at one of these for myself, to rid yet another bit of plastic from our lives. I thought I would have no chance of buying one (vintage) and would probably have fainted from the cost any way, can you tell me where you bought yours from.

    1. I bought mine from The Shaver Shop at my local Westfield shopping complex.

  3. Badger bristle brush....My Dad finally wore his last one out and we spent ages looking for a beautiful good quality one, a few of years ago now mind you. I dont think he quite liked it as much as the old one but he had to make do. Though Im sure it is well broken in these days! ;)

  4. Pete has a safety razor but we never know which blades to buy, either too sharp or too blunt so far. Have you got a favourite brand?

  5. Also I keep meaning to make him a shaving salve using yarrow (it stops bleeding)...

  6. I remember my dad having a shaver where the shaft propelled open to replace the blade . He used a Palmolive shave stick wrapped in foil and then lathered it up with a bristle brush...memories

  7. Have you used the 3 piece style as opposed to the butterfly design that opens to insert the blade, design is different but use is the same, I really like these razors and prefer them over any others.

  8. Very Informative and detailed article about men's safety razor


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