Saturday, 1 October 2016

My Simple Frugal Weight Loss - Week 2

Gerberas on the piano - pretty.

LET'S not beat around the bush.  The scales are tapping their feet impatiently.

Previously noted at the heavy vehicle weigh station (hehe!) was the following entry:

Start weight: 120.8 kg
Start BMI: 34
Target weight: 79 kg

WEIGH IN - Week 2

Weighing in at 119.4 kg
Lost in last week: 1.4 kg
Total weight lost: 1.4 kg
Current BMI: still 34

In other less weighty news - here is the beautiful dining room table we were recently gifted made from recycled wood from the old wool shed in Newcastle NSW. Feeling deeply grateful.

The brass plaque and you can see the evidence of recycled timber

Old bolt holes in the leg timber

Weighs a ton.
This table will last a lifetime and beyond

Take care folks and stay nice now.



  1. Beautiful table and well done you!

    1. I am hoping to try my olive oil and beeswax polish on it.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss progress, Phil.

    I am in awe of your beautiful table! A family heirloom for sure.

  3. love wooden tables & you have scored a beauty there!
    well done on the weight loss, slow & steady wins the race :))

    thanx for sharing

  4. I would sit at your table all day and stroke the wood, I love the feel of polished wood, our much smaller wooden table we have had for almost 30 years, it has a few marks but that's just it's life story.

    1. I love how our is made out of recycled beams and you can see the evidence of it being part of a building previously.

  5. Ha ha, Mr.HM. I was standing in a shopping centre waiting for someone this morning and was reading your blog on my phone and had a little chuckle about your scales tapping their feet impatiently. LOL! I nearly laughed out loud.

    1. ...well those scales have to wait all week as I only weigh in once a week. i am sure they get impatient.

  6. What a great encouraging start 😉

  7. Two days ago I started a 100 day weight loss challenge, hopefully I can do well.

    You have a wonderful way of putting things into words. I had a big smile on my face while reading this post :)

    Well done re the weight loss, it feels good once those numbers start to go down :)


    1. All the best for your 100 day weight loss challenge. Go you!

  8. YAY!
    Love the table, my hubby made our dining table about 16 years ago from recycled Hoop Pine from a 100 year old horse stables in Brisbane! I treasure it, and hopefully one of the children will wish to inherit one day.

    1. Our dining room is too small so we eat out in the garage or the deck. the dining room is just a glorified thoroughfare.


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